Start Up Country Liberland: Crypto is for Money, Voting

Start Up Country Liberland: Crypto is for Money, Voting

The president of Liberland, a microstate located on a little space between Croatia and Serbia, created by the Czech politician, Vit Jedlicka, declared it was going to use Bitcoin as its legal tender in the near future. But now, Jedlicka has changed his mind, and he is eyeing a new cryptocurrency called Merit, along with a new system that would base voting rights on Merit holdings.

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What Is Liberland?

Liberland is a micronation located in a “No man’s land” space located between Croatia and Serbia. It was originally not claimed by any interested state, and a disgruntled Vit Jedlicka took it to create a new nation. It was “Terra Nullius,” and it was proclaimed the Free Republic of Liberland in 2015.

Start Up Country Liberland: Crypto is for Money, Voting

Since then, Jedlicka has been busy planning the governance systems of what he proclaims as the youngest state on the planet. But unlike other countries, he decided to make a revolution out of it, making it the first country to be managed as a decentralized authority.

While some can giggle about it, Liberland is no joke. The country opened its legal doors to citizenship, and has received more than 500,000 applications. All government functions will run on cryptocurrency, even voting.

Cryptocurrency Influence In Liberland

Legality of the said state aside, this approach would be really innovative if we talk about managing a state. A decentralized authority runs on votes of its inhabitants, but not in an equal way. Every citizen will be encourage to use Merit, the national cryptocurrency, for work and other services.

Start Up Country Liberland: Crypto is for Money, Voting

Jedlicka also has proposed a system where taxes are voluntary, but paying taxes will be an important way of determining access to government. He explained in an interview:

“If you pay $20 million in taxes and nobody in the state even says thank you, and you have the same vote as somebody that just killed 10 people and is in prison, no, we want to fix that, we want to make sure that the positive decisions are made by those that actually make the country possible and have contributed to its creation,” Jedlicka noted.

So Merit will be as a stake in the nation that will give each citizen its voting power and the right to vote; unlike in current nations when the right to vote depends only on citizenship, natural or acquired.

The Final Purpose

Jedlicka thinks that in the future this is the way nation-states will be run. All the decisions will be based on voting, respecting the Merit of every citizen, with the rules that the government (a decentralized authority) will establish.

Start Up Country Liberland: Crypto is for Money, Voting

A pilot of the proposed system will be demoed and tested next November. Liberland is actually in the process of establish an embassy in every country willing to recognize it, allowing it ultimately to have representation in international organizations.

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