Blockchain Development Guru Encourages BTC Spending, Hodl World Rocked

Bitcoin Core Supremacist: BTC is for Spending, Hodl World Rocked

Bitcoin Core Developer Jimmy Song accepts only BTC as payment for his blockchain consulting and programming course services, refusing all other forms of payment including credit cards. It’s a bold, innovative idea. Long thought to have no real world utility, to be mere digital gold awaiting moon prices in order to act as a banking settlement layer in the relative distant future, Song has forged a groundbreaking path—forget cashback. Using crypto to buy and sell goods and services is where it’s at. Song’s continued genius has rocked the hodl world.

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Bitcoin Core Developer Jimmy Song Desperately Urges Followers to Never, Ever Spend BTC

Noted for his strident advocacy, imploring followers to never, ever become foolhardy enough and actually spend their BTC, Jimmy Song employed many ground shaking quips to illustrate his point. Buying coffee, as Song admirers once contemplated using their decentralized money to purchase, is best accomplished by using legacy financial systems such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Bitcoin Core Supremacist: BTC is for Spending, Hodl World Rocked

We already have an adequate money, and payment processing in credit cards is a snap, he would adroitly observe. There is no need for BTC in such an instance. He pounded home the profundity by asking if doing so might later cause massive regret to store-of-value users when they realized they’d plunked down the equivalent of $1,000 for a latte.

In fact, Song’s arguments were so convincing he gained a healthy following among the BTC crowd. He became a minor celebrity in the space, routinely sought for speaking engagements, conventions, cruises, debates, and a plethora of ecosystem media appearances. He even hands out all-meat diet advice.

Blockchain Development Guru: "BTC is for Spending," Hodl World Rocked

Song’s New Tune

Job offers came pouring in to a degree where he could rent his brilliant mind out to the highest bidders. Song proposed writing a programming book to compliment crypto luminary Andreas Antonopoulos, and even opened his progress to a Github repository. So in demand, Song also developed a two day, interactive course for sale, open to nearly anyone willing to put in the effort, Programming Blockchain.

Bitcoin Core Supremacist: BTC is for Spending, Hodl World Rocked

Humble and not wanting to take credit, Song has not emphasized his apparent recent worldview pivot, his cataclysmic philosophical sea change. As usual with Jimmy Song, he is way ahead of everyone else. No one saw this idea coming. No reasonable person argued in favor of using BTC as cash. Everyone knew the more folks adopting BTC as a spendable currency would require bigger block sizes on the chain in order to scale with demand. That would be catastrophic. No large block cryptocurrency can exist, much less function.

Jimmy Song has proven everyone wrong, again. According to his Programming Blockchain website, after clicking the Cut to the Chase button, eager applicants are instructed to pay in BTC up to $4,000 before early sign-up discounts. No credit cards. No checks.

Song Doesn’t Remain the Same

Song’s deft track record of being correct about BTC is rarely challenged. And it’s no wonder, as it does make rational sense how something referred to as a cryptocurrency be used, well, as a currency, which Song appears to be now advocating through his businesses. Genius. Bitcoin Core Supremacist: BTC is for Spending, Hodl World Rocked

His impressive Linkedin page reads clearly, precisely as a reader would expect from such a logical thinker, “If you want me to speak at your conference, please tell me the dates, what you want me to speak about, what expenses you’ll cover and how much of an honorarium I can expect.”

He continues, “If you want me to advise you on your ICO or altcoin or company, I’m probably going to say no,” proving, once again, his intellectual integrity for all the world. Song has repeatedly refered to near every ICO or altcoin as a “scam.”

Blockchain Development Guru: "BTC is for Spending," Hodl World Rocked

He Might be Right

Leaving room to be the critical thinker he is known, however, Song quickly clarified, “If you really want to see if you can win me over, I will need to review your whitepaper or synopsis. I will review it and be very honest about my thoughts. I charge 0.2 BTC per page and I will need payment up front before any conversation starts about my involvement. You also need to agree not to use my name or likeness,” which, again, is more evidence of his humility.Bitcoin Core Supremacist: BTC is for Spending, Hodl World Rocked

As crazy as it reads, Song just might be right. It’s important, evidently, to sell goods and services for cryptocurrency due to a few key reasons. Doing so encourages adoption at least two ways, through businesspersons (such as Song) and consumers (Song’s students, for example). Utility breeds adoption, adoption breeds infrastructure, and when something is fast, reliable, cheap, and usable in commercial transactions, it has a real chance to uproot the legacy financial system — the one we’re learning BTC was originally created to combat. Plus with crypto, there are no refunds. Who would’ve thought!

Finally, he concludes, “If you would like my consulting services, please contact me via email. 0.2 BTC/page on whitepapers, otherwise my involvement will be project-based and or on a 0.2 BTC/hour basis. If you have a business proposition for me, spell out what you want me to do and how you’ll compensate me.”


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