Vitalik Attacks BTC Supremacists With Logic, It’s Super Effective!

There is something about cryptocurrency that seems to spur people into taking sides, even if that means they must begin acting irrationally in doing so. Whatever the impetus for the tribalism may be, it is becoming increasingly normal for more individuals in the crypto-verse. Even those who are of seemingly level-headed hold nothing back in defense of their personal ideals, even if those ideals trespass into the realm of nonsense. Picking a side in a crypto argument seems to have become a cause worthy enough to sacrifice everything for. No cost is too high, including the abandonment of reason itself.

This has become especially true of a number of individuals who lounge on the higher perches of the crypto community. All too commonly, those styling themselves as ‘thought leaders’ and ‘trend setters’ have become blinded by their idealism and so dogmatically supportive of it, that they would no sooner admit these ideas are absurd than they would  drink a shot of tequila drizzled through Greg Maxwell’s beard. Out of every group in the crypto ecosystem BTC supremacists are the largest and often loudest crowd of this bunch. Easily characterized by their reckless behavior, hats emblazoned with 4 letter acronyms, and above all their silly principles that piss on the Bitcoin whitepaper. These BTC supremacists make the more commonly known Bitcoin Maximalists seem conservative by comparison.

Under the forceful pressure of the supremacist dissonance, teeth gnashing, and unchecked drooling, most emotionally stable people trying to refute such babble would have their work cut out for them. Fortunately there is an incredibly powerful weapon of humanity that has been wielded against this type of nonsense long before any of us were born: logic. However the mere existence of this tool alone cannot be used to stem the flow of illogical blather, unless there is a mighty warrior to carry it into battle. Vibrant sex icon and alpha chad, Vitalik Buterin, rose to the task by taking up the nail-studded bat of logic to bash in the soft-boiled skulls of the supremacist movement.

One shepherd of the supremacist flock, Giacomo Zucco, ignited social networks this past week after he enlightened the BTC community on some so-called “Universal Truths” of Bitcoin. Serving now as the first page of the Sacred Book of Core, these four guidelines give full scope and clarity to the insane irrationality gripping a growing portion of BTC’s HODLers. Though the list itself is proving highly controversial, Vitalik honed in on the second “truth” to show how disconnected and illogical these cultists have become in both what they say and do.

Utilising the classic “Daily Struggle” meme, Vitalik has exemplified the dilemma that supremacists have found themselves in when talking about changing the nature of Bitcoin. Even after adopting the code-base bloating SegWit feature, as a means of “helping” with scalability, these supremacists still cannot understand what the concept of “changing Bitcoin” truly means. Under the omnipresent looming cloud of high transaction fees, which effectively breaks Bitcoin’s function of being peer-to-peer electronic cash, the Bitcoin BTC blockchain is already well past epitomizing what Bitcoin’s true nature is.

Such meme-fueled methods of fighting against toxic Bitcoin Supremacism are both spicy and imperative. To make evident the absurdity of these people and to then bring them to ridicule, is of critical importance to promoting factual and logically oriented discourse amongst ourselves. Vitalik understood this pretty well and executed it flawlessly. Rest assured however this recent outburst of Bitcoin stupidity, comparable to the spread of Staphylococcus bacteria in a locker room, is not going to be the last. With the recent excretion of the B Foundation, it is expected that this kind of extremist behavior will begin to spread to even more followers of the Bitcoin Core cult. All this stands in stark contrast to the universal underlying objective of spreading cryptocurrency to the world and fostering adoption wherever it can be achieved. Bitcoin, from it’s very first day on the word wide web, has sought to be an inclusive and growing project held aloft by the passionate and talented hands who can foresee the incredible importance it represents for mankind. It’s only in recent years that toxic behaviour and rampant group think have given rise to the ridiculous notions of isolationism and xenophobia now being espoused by the likes of the BTC Supremacists. Bitcoin has always been, first and forever foremost, about creating electronic currency for the world to use. Through the concerted and diligent efforts of our community, this is the goal that we will arrive at.