We Are Now Entering The Core Zone!

In a world that’s seemingly normalizing greater levels degeneracy each day, it comes as no surprise that certain groups of people aim to pervert the original philosophies of Bitcoin. Today we bore witness to the latest volley of stupidity and bad economic advice from Jimmy Song; a known Bitcoin Core shill who runs from debate and dons cowboy attire even at the beach. The Core advocate has jumped the shark today by tweeting some things which are quite frankly unbelievable, but which confirms that Bitcoin supremacists are not interested in mass adoption of Bitcoin as a payment system. In addition to a fancy new animation expanding on his weak argument against Roger Ver recently, he had this to say.

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you. Jimmy just recommended using fiat-based credit cards instead of Bitcoin payments. What could be going through his mind when making such an out-of-order comment? Is it not the goal of every cryptocurrency out there (besides Ripple, they live out of banks) to achieve and promote adoption over anything else? But there is a reason behind this nonsensical advice: fees.

Blockstream and their honchos don’t want Bitcoin to be used for micro transactions because the mempool would be flooded and fees would rise instantly, likely spurring further exodus to Bitcoin Cash in the event of something similar to December 2017. That’s why they order their drones to push these arguments on social media. All the focus is on generating anti-BCH propaganda, in hopes of destroying the only working version of Bitcoin, instead of fixing their own failed products like Lightning. For Song, the better way of spending Bitcoin is spending fiat money instead; that immediately makes Bitcoin (BTC) a kind of fiat money.

These socialists are promoting an agenda which aims to guarantee low fees, only for those who have the money to transact in big quantities on Lightning, while disregarding the average Joe who understands the use of on-chain transactions as a substitute to fiat currency. It got even worse, as Greg Maxwell chimed in on Reddit to back his comrade in promoting usage of credit card companies. It only makes sense to do the bidding of your financers, especially given that Mastercard invested in Blockstream through Digital Currency Group.

If you thought they couldn’t reach a further anti-Bitcoin position than that, guess again. Gré Guevara also bashed Bitcoin payment processors who are at the forefront of bringing cryptocurrency adoption into the mainstream.

It is without a doubt that the Blockstream programming runs deep in many individuals; eerily likening to NPCs in a video game. These particular NPCs are programmed at r/bitcoin and by Bitcoin Core thought leaders, who concoct narratives in a vat before feeding it on a drip to their drones. Now repeat after me: bcash, bcash, bcash.
“bcash, bcash, bcash”.