Bitcoin White Paper at 10: Vin Armani, Daniel Krawisz, Nick Bernabe, Derek Magill

Bitcoin White Paper Turns 10: Vin Armani, Daniel Krawisz, Nick Bernabe, Derek Magill

Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper was published on this day, October 31st, ten years ago. In only nine pages, it seemed to have solved problems plaguing similar attempts. It boldly proclaimed peer-to-peer electronic cash, and then waited to see if anyone would recognize its elegant, simple revolutionary challenge. brought together insights from those whose lives were changed as a result: Vin Armani from Countermarkets and CoinText, Daniel Krawisz Emperor of Bitcoin, Nick Bernabe of The Anti-Media, and Derek Magill of and the Nakamoto Studies Institute. It’s a fun and super interesting episode of Milk, our flagship podcast. Give a listen below.

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Bitcoin White Paper Turns 10

Daniel Krawisz leads the show, and he’s indebted to the White Paper, but is ultimately not interested in celebrating on the topic. Derek Magill provides perspective, giving both sides of whether Bitcoin has lived up to its potential. Nick Bernabe sees the White Paper as a possible key to personal financial liberation. Vin Armani breaks it all down, and listeners are left with a nice, well-rounded marking of this time in crypto history.

Happy anniversary!

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