Jamie Dimon Does Not Give “A [Expletive]” About Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon Does Not Give

Jamie Dimon, CEO of one of the most important banking conglomerates in the US, JP Morgan, has expressed he does not give “a f*ck” about Bitcoin. Dimon is not a man of half measures, and clearly speaks his mind. Does his sharp rhetoric match the company’s actions? 

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Jamie Dimon, “I Just Don’t Give A F*ck”

In a recent interview at the Axios Conference in Los Angeles, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon explained he has never altered his opinion of Bitcoin. “I never changed what I said,” Dimon noted, “I just regretted saying it; I didn’t really want to be the spokesman against bitcoin. I really don’t give a fuck, again that’s the point. Blockchain is real, the technology; but bitcoin is not the same as a fiat currency.”

Jamie Dimon Does Not Give "A F*ck" About Bitcoin

And he is right, bitcoin is not like a fiat currency. It’s much more than that, and is also likely why bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are being attacked by major executives. Former US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen bashed cryptocurrencies too in a recent rant.

A History of Comments

Jamie Dimon has always been against the idea of cryptocurrencies though he has gone back and forth in his public attitude. He declared last year bitcoin is simply a fraud, and that it will eventually blow up. “It’s worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed,” he declared last year.

Jamie Dimon Does Not Give "A F*ck" About Bitcoin

Then he went back on his word, stating he regretted saying the fraud remarks, and he now acknowledged blockchain was real. Of course, cryptocurrencies are designed to replace and sidestep the business model of JP Morgan.

Maybe it’s important to watch his company’s actions rather than listening to Dimon’s entertaining talks. For example, JP Morgan also recently informed investors its proprietary tech, Quorum, is being used to tokenize gold and diamonds, in an effort to better track the metals’ life cycles

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