Badger Wallet – The Future of Money With Bitcoin Cash

Badger – the next generation wallet which lets you experience Bitcoin Cash the way it was meant to be experienced. By combining BCH and token transactions, as well as acting as an identity vault, Badger is your gateway to a world of applications powered by Bitcoin Cash.

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Tokens Have Arrived On Bitcoin Cash – BIG TIME

Having already received an endorsement from Roger Ver, where he said it’s “the best and easiest token wallet for Bitcoin Cash” on desktop, the Badger Wallet team have a lot to be proud of. and Badger Wallet developer, Gabriel Cardona, recently gave an interview to CoinSpice where he discussed the importance of tokens on Bitcoin Cash and the bright road ahead. But since then the team’s hard work has come to bear fruit; today anybody can install the Badger Wallet extension to use tokens and Bitcoin Cash.

Try Badger today:

Gabriel Cardona is interviewed by Hayden Otto at BCH Devcon in San Francisco (2018)

A Cutting-Edge Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Gabriel Cardona is not the only one to be credited with the release of this game-changing BCH token wallet, when launching the new site earlier this week he announced on Telegram that he couldn’t have done it without the help of his great team. This included  @SpendBCH_io@christroutner, and @SpicyyyPete. Gabriel also added that “The future is brighter than ever for Bitcoin Cash. Innovation on this chain moves at light speed and Badger will be there at each new paradigm shift enabling developers and users to change the world with Bitcoin Cash.”

Want to try out the Badger Wallet? We have the Badger Button installed on this page in the sidebar! Just click the button that says “Support the Spice” to tip us $1. You too can install a button like this on your own website for tips, purchasing goods/services, plus much more. You just have to get creative and build.

Badger Button Installation Guide

Previously in late 2018, I had put together a video guide on integrating the Badger Button into your website, complete with our custom code which we used for! But now the Badger team have released some code snippets of their own which can be found on the website here.

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