CashShuffle Integrated in Electron Cash Wallet

Bitcoin Without Privacy is PayPal: CashShuffle Integrated in Electron Cash Wallet

“Current implementation of CashShuffle in the Electron Cash Wallet allows users to merely check a box to enable privacy features. Everyone in the ecosystem can now enjoy the privacy benefits of CashShuffle without unneeded complexity,” creator Josh Ellithorpe explained. The integration is now being test driven by developers, and the results are promising.

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CashShuffle Integrated in Electron Cash Wallet

“The application works by monitoring UTXOs, automatically shuffling coins in the background. It gives the user privacy enhanced coins that can be prioritized for transactions,” Ellithorpe continued. “Users simply transact normally, as the user flow doesn’t change, and there is a much higher privacy guarantee as a result.”

Bitcoin Without Privacy is PayPal: CashShuffle Integrated in Electron Cash Wallet

In theory, this should also assist in providing enough participants in the app so that liquidity and matchmaking are also much higher in the overall ecosystem. A small group of about a dozen Bitcoin Cash community members have been test driving an early alpha version of the Electron Cash wallet with this integrated CashShuffle functionality. The application itself has been in development for over a year.  

It’s actually an extension of Tim Ruffing’s CoinShuffle protocol, with added functionality to allow pair users. It began as a plugin and has matured over the past year to the point where Electron Cash project manager Jonald Fyookball feels comfortable with integrating it into the main wallet. “I’m excited to work with the CashShuffle team,” Fyookball told CoinSpice, “and get this awesome technology into our wallet.  I think it’ll be really good for Bitcoin Cash as a whole.”

“Bitcoin Without Privacy is a Shitty PayPal”

The atmosphere in the testing group is one of exhilaration, as users experience for the first time a wallet that can shuffle their coins automatically. Long time Bitcoiner Andreas Brekken tweeted, “Bitcoin Cash is becoming more fungible. This version of Electron Cash automatically shuffles your coins to improve your privacy. It should be the top priority of *every wallet* to implement similar measures. Bitcoin without privacy is a shitty PayPal.”

Bitcoin Without Privacy is PayPal: CashShuffle Integrated in Electron Cash WalletAlpha release testing was slightly bumpy, the group admitted. Some bugs were encountered, but so far the bugs have been minor and only prevented shuffles from starting. There were zero incidents of lost coins or other major problems. Developers are identifying the bugs and fixing them quickly. Private testing groups like this one are an effective way to flush out any problems.

Lead developer Clifford Mack says: “Despite some bugs, we see that the idea of background shuffling is working. It’s not perfect, but we’re on the right track. Most of the issues are purely technical problems, and the good things about technical problems is they always have a solution.” It’s yet another example of the innovation happening in the BCH community, as new and exciting develops are making headlines almost daily. 

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