BitcoinFiles: Save Files on the BCH Blockchain

BitcoinFiles: Save Files on the BCH Blockchain

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community is definitely focused on bringing innovation to the table. BitcoinFiles is a new and revolutionary service that lets you upload a file to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain while paying a minimal fee for your file to be available forever. Based on the Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP), the process leverages anonymous and permission-less traits of Bitcoin Cash, enabling upload of files without requiring identification information to login (as opposed to most storage services).

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BitcoinFiles and the BFP Protocol

BitcoinFiles is the final application of a simple protocol designed by developers of the SimpleLedger Electron Wallet. The objective is to allow users to upload files to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The first primitive client was embedded in a version of this wallet in the token creation tab. BitcoinFiles: Save Files on the BCH Blockchain

With this client, it was initially possible to upload small files (less than 5Kb) directly onto the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, but the process was still cumbersome and quirky; uploaders needed to install the SPL wallet, fund it with BCH, and then file the creation of a token.

With BitcoinFiles, it is very easy to upload and download files from the blockchain. It provides a graphical UI and integration with the MoneyButton service, letting you pick the files in an intuitive way, like a normal storage service.

Ease of Use

It is very easy to use. Uploading files require paying for the transaction cost of plus the miner’s fee trough MoneyButton or a wallet via QR code. Users can then select a file normally, and the process of uploading the file starts.

BitcoinFiles: Save Files on the BCH Blockchain

When the file has been uploaded, the system will give a Bitcoinfile URI, something like an URL on the blockchain. That string is required to recover the file in the future directly from the blockchain.

To download the file, users must only go to their webpage and use the provided URI to the UI. Users can download it and share as many times as they desire, and it will be available forever on the blockchain.

What’s The Point?

Many will ask what is the point of uploading files to the blockchain if there are specialized storage services already offering more efficient platforms. Well, there are some advantages that blockchain storage has over them.BitcoinFiles: Save Files on the BCH Blockchain

First, every service that offers storage, even if it is free until a certain quota, require personal information. Anonymous uploading is almost impossible these days. BitcoinFiles allows anonymous uploads and sharing of files for the fee of a Bitcoin Cash transaction.

Also, applications can use this storage to implement it as a way of housing certain important files for their function. Imagine a decentralized social network using this service to store images and data. There is a lot that can be done with this tech only in its nascent stages.

The size for the files is a burden right now, but the devs are working to lift the limit. In the future, we will see more applications and uses for this awesome technology built on top of Bitcoin Cash.

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