Cashport Integrated SDK Released by the HandCash Team

Cashport Integrated SDK Released By The HandCash Team

There is a shortage of really easy to setup SDK cryptocurrency payments for web and mobile applications. The team from HandCash, makers of a superbly simple and usable Bitcoin Cash wallet, released Cashport. Cashport is a free SDK that will let developers connect their apps with HandCash. All powered by Bitcoin Cash Tech, with almost no fees, it facilitates the introduction of new micro-payment apps into the BCH ecosystem.

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The Cashport SDK

Cashport is a product from the HandCash family. It is a new SDK that lets developers effortlessly link the HandCash app with third-party services and offers. This is revolutionary in a way that lets you be linked with all your services from a single wallet. The name is derived from that experience: a Cashport, as in a passport for your funds.

Cashport Integrated SDK Released By The HandCash Team

The use of the API is free, so to start a project in your app or website and start monetizing you don’t have to invest anything. You must register with the site to get an API key and be authorized by their team to use it on your app.

Once you have your API keys, you can use the SDK available online to integrate micro-payments into your Android native app and also into your website. The iOS SDK will be available later in the development cycle.

How is this Useful?

Cashport can be used in a myriad of applications to let users earn and spend their funds effortlessly and easily. Cashport is in its early stages, but later on the developers hope to publish open source templates to show some other useful applications.

Cashport will work as a shared system between apps where the money flows between them, saving developers complex regulatory issues because they don’t have custody of the funds.

Cashport Integrated SDK Released By The HandCash Team

HandCash developers have always focused on the ease of use of their products, and Cashport is no exception. The demo available on shows how easy it is to set up services with the HandCash app. After having connected to the service, you can customize features from the same wallet.

Also, the aim of Cashport is to smooth onboarding of developers from little and big apps to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Every developer that needs to monetize their platform can sample Cashport for less than a dollar due to BCH fees being almost negligible. In contrast, other payment services take fees of even 5%, something that can break up the business model of a micro-payments based app.

HandCash Focus on Usability

The team behind Cashport and HandCash are always focused on usability. This is confirmed by their pushing QR codes for directions instead of giving long addresses to copy and paste for transactions. They have also developed a system of wallet identification, HANDLE. It substitutes traditional long strings of alphanumerical characters by a readable string, an innovation seen by some as helping to avoid an adoption wall.

Cashport Integrated SDK Released By The HandCash Team

Cashport follows the same design principles of HandCash. To link the apps you need to scan a QR code and approve the app in the wallet. Nothing more.

This is just a taste of all the innovation happening on the Bitcoin Cash chain to facilitate adoption and establish BCH as a solid choice for users and merchants alike as an everyday payment method.


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