Bitcoin Cash Association Funds $1,000 a Month Grant to EatBCH

EatBCH, a social initiative that lets people from all over the world donate Bitcoin Cash to be used in feeding the hungry in places like Venezuela and South Sudan, has scored a permanent donation subsidy from the Bitcoin Cash Association. This is great news for the community behind the initiative, which is built upon Bitcoin Cash, and for Señor José, the Venezuelan founder of this grassroots charity who has helped thousands of Venezuelans to calm hunger.

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Bitcoin Cash Association Funds EatBCH

The Bitcoin Cash Association (BCA), formerly known as the Bitcoin Cash Fund prior to its incorporation, operates with a central goal of promoting Bitcoin Cash and its usage as a viable currency worldwide. While the BCA has supported the EatBCH initiatives vocally on Twitter, it had not previously provided any direct financial contributions to the projects largely funded by donations coming out of Reddit threads and individual sponsors.

A post on Reddit by the BCA declared the following: “Starting now the BCA will support the EatBCH initiative with $1,000 per month in funding to go towards helping feed people that are most in need. The $1,000 will be split evenly between the Venezuelan and South Sudanese parts of the project. We hope that this funding can provide a solid foundation that they can rely on.”

Bitcoin Cash Association Funds $1,000 a Month Grant to EatBCH

In the remainder of the posts body, the BCA also exhorts other individual donors to join them in the cause and fight hunger via donations to this incredible organization. It’s really great that EatBCH will now have a constant stream of funding support from the Bitcoin Cash Association. With less of their time being spent searching for further contributions to subsist their aims, they can instead focus much more freely on executing them.

If you are interested in contributing to this cause yourself, you can head to their Twitter (Venezuela) Pages (South Sudan) and donate to them directly using Bitcoin Cash. Every dollar helps to feed the hungry and the poor, and perhaps more than anything else, helps to bring some relief to those who need it most.

Subreddit Use Case

EatBCH began as the love child of Señor José, a Venezuelan guy who has always been worried about the economic troubles of his people in Venezuela. As the underlying political turmoil in the region brought a once prosperous country into economic turmoil, critical resources such as food, water, and power became increasingly hard to obtain. But where others saw just crisis, José saw a great opportunity to help people. Bitcoin Cash Association Funds $1,000 a Month Grant to EatBCH

This initiative originated on the /r/vzla subreddit, a community in which José could readily be found present and actively posting. Hearing of the strife ongoing in Venezuela, the Bitcoin Cash community organized tipping days to try and help José out. From a few donations given to José through Tippr, the BCH tipping bot, a domestic effort towards relief from economic climes was born.

Starting from those humble beginnings, José continued to depend on the donations of kind strangers to bring joy and food to the hungry in the form of arepas (a Venezuelan kind of corn pancake). Despite all of this remarkable work, the amount people in need continued to outstrip the resources José himself had brought to bear, and there was only so much one man could do.

Bitcoin Cash Association Funds $1,000 a Month Grant to EatBCH

The EatBCH Initiative Gets Recognized

Being by himself in these efforts of feeding the needy, along with the requisite work and responsibility inherent to doing so, quickly overwhelmed José. However, despite the difficulty and workload, José was not willing to quit. Desiring for more and more people to receive the benefits he sought to provide, José founded the EatBCH organization and spearheaded all  efforts for the cause under the new banner.

Bitcoin Cash Association Funds $1,000 a Month Grant to EatBCH

Supporters and donors both old and new put their hopes into José, and gave the organization the funding necessary to continue. The reputation of the effort and its positive effects grew quickly, and before long even some naysayers of the project began to be impressed with its work.

It wouldn’t take much time until the name of the organization was utilized by another group of philanthropic minds half the world away. Facing a crisis of their own, individuals in South Sudan emulated José in providing food and support to their countrymen who are beset with hunger and very difficult times. Building their own branch of the project and dubbing it EatBCH_SS, the African variant of the Bitcoin Cash based aid effort has achieved wonderful successes in its own right.


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