Gabriel Cardona’s Tokambrian Explosion – The Importance of Tokens to Bitcoin Cash

TL;DR: In the beginning, lifeforms that inhabited the Earth were very simple until the period known as the Cambrian; during which an evolutionary explosion took place and ultimately led to the great biodiversity we see today. According to Gabriel Cardona, Director of Developer Services & Head of R&D at, right now we’re witnessing something similar in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem relating to tokens.

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The Tokambrian Explosion

If you’ve heard Gabriel Cardona speak before at BCH Devcon’s or other conferences, you’ll already know he has a lot of great things to say regarding Bitcoin Cash development. That’s why I asked him to stream into our local Bitcoin Cash meetup in Brisbane Australia to give a presentation on new innovations on the BCH blockchain, the great potential of tokens, Badger Wallet, and developer tools that are helping to bring financial sovereignty to every corner of the world. To see the full presentation click the video link above.

Gabriel Cardona explains why Bitcoin Cash will always be superior to the Lightning Network in a recent YouTube video.

Badger Wallet

Gabriel Cardona, as a senior developer at, has also been involved in the creation of a number of Bitcoin Cash tools which are greatly benefiting the entire ecosystem. One of those is the Badger Wallet, a web browser extension that allows you to manage Bitcoin Cash and SLP tokens with ease. In just a short few months the Badger Wallet and other Badger tools like the Badger Button and BadgerID, have already been integrated into a number of websites including, and

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