Lightning Network Vs. Bitcoin Cash: Onboarding, Spending, Reliability

The Lightning Network has been a subject of great controversy in the Bitcoin space, particularly in the lead-up to the Bitcoin Cash chain split in 2017. Promoted as the cheap and fast Bitcoin (BTC) payments solution, many early Bitcoin adopters have shared their doubts about the technology. With the newly announced Wallet of Satoshi, the world’s simplest Lightning Wallet, I took the opportunity to dive deep into the wallet’s user experience. Even putting it head-to-head with competitor Bitcoin Cash.

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Wallet of Satoshi, the world’s simplest Lightning Wallet

Developed by the popular Living Room of Satoshi, the Wallet of Satoshi provides the first user-friendly Lightning Network experience for both Bitcoin veterans and noobs that haven’t entered the cryptocurrency space. Previously the only other mobile Lightning Wallet was Eclair, a wallet renowned for having bad UI and UX. The onboarding process alone took 50 minutes, but with the Wallet of Satoshi this has been reduced to only 10 minutes. This is partly due to the fact it opens lightning payment channels for you automatically!


With this new addition to the Lightning supporter’s arsenal, they finally step into the ring to compete against rivals like Bitcoin Cash. While this is a pre-release version of Wallet of Satoshi for Android, it is expected to become available on app stores in early 2019.

A worthy challenger, but can it hold it’s own against rising star Bitcoin Cash?

In order to see which technology has the best chance of achieving global adoption, I decided to put the Wallet of Satoshi head-to-head against the best of what Bitcoin Cash Wallets had to offer. The main areas of focus in the testing were onboarding, spending and the reliability of each system. It’s important to look at metrics like these to see if the technology has any potential to obsolete existing financial solutions. Find out about the results in the video above!

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