LIVE: BCH Hackathon, Bitcoin Minds Gather to Innovate in Amsterdam

LIVE: BCH Hackathon, Best Bitcoin Minds Gather to Innovate in Amsterdam

UPDATE: PandaCash Takes First Place

The second in a series of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hackthons is happening this weekend, and is streaming live on YouTube. Enthusiasts can watch detailed presentations from assembled teams, and also listen-in as judges ask probing questions about the project and its use case.

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BCH Hackathon Live Streamed

BCHDEVON Amsterdam: info and full submissions list

Those interested in the BCH hackathon underway in Amsterdam can watch a livestream of the event. As of this writing, a team is presenting on, to keep track of all the different ways investors can find dApps for both BCH and ETH. They’re stressing this is not for whale venture capitalists, but instead for smaller projects and testers.

LIVE: BCH Hackathon Streaming, Best Bitcoin Minds Gather to Innovate in Amsterdam

“To be honest,” the team at PermimssionLess Ventures writes, “BCH is one of the most amazing Blockchain technologies we have ever seen in terms of its scalability, security and potentiality with smart contract in the future. There are some outstanding projects operating based on BCH or associated with BCH, for instance:,, Wormhole project, Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and many more. We intend to attract more developers through these events and eventually build a stronger community with real-world use cases.”

BCHDevCon, part of a broader hackathon series, is happening this weekend in Amsterdam. Some of the best developer minds in the BCH community are competing in teams to develop tokens, smart contracts, dApps, and many other projects. First prize is 10 BCH, second is 5 BCH, and third is 1 BCH, not to mention the buzz a project gets having defeated some pretty tough competition.

LIVE: BCH Hackathon Streaming, Best Bitcoin Minds Gather to Innovate in Amsterdam
CoinSpice correspondent Hayden Otto on the scene turning up the scovilles.

Judging Criteria

The criteria were adjusted slightly for this round, but here is a look at the first hackathon criteria in San Francisco:

“The score of your team will be evaluated by a committee made up of the most talented developers in the community,” the hackathon guideline reads. “They will judge based on the understanding of Blockchain technology, practicability, scalability, creativity and BCH score. (Total: 100 points).”

Criteria include, “Understanding of Blockchain Technology (20 Points). How are you gonna design the project? Is it a solid design that utilizes the Blockchain technology Practicability (20 Points). Is your project related to payment solution or token issuance? How well is your implementation? Scalability (20 Points). What can the project achieve in the real-world market? What’s the expectation of the performance? Creativity (20 Points) Is this a unique project? How creative it is regarding the design and the reactions from the marketplace? BCH Score (20 Points) Try to use Op_Return and Op_Datasigverify in your project. Try to make what is possible on BCH into a real project.”

LIVE: BCH Hackathon Streaming, Best Bitcoin Minds Gather to Innovate in Amsterdam

The judging panel consists of Gabriel Cardona of BitBox, Amaury Séchet of Bitcoin ABC, and Ryan X. Charles from among others.

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