Minecraft on Blockchain: Looking Back in Time to Construct Own World

File under GTFO! Minds across the ecosystem were blown as little known developer Jt announced on the _unwriter Telegram channel creation of a voxel drawing program implemented on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain powered by a wallet from Blockparty. It’s craft.cash, and it is addicting.  

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Innovation on the Bitcoin Cash network continues to astound, even if they’re not immediately practical. Slowly becoming legendary, while still largely anonymous, developer _unwriter Tweeted out a project termed mind blowing.


It’s a voxel drawing program on the BCH blockchain using the Blockparty Wallet. The application claims 256 to the third power possible positions and 255 color choices to make a Minecraft-like world. Every 51 blocks queued for sync generates one transaction at a tiny cost of 1,000 satoshis. According to comments, its voxel data is binary, using outputs of bitcoin transactions with OP_RETURN. Users can essentially create an immutable, decentralized voxel world, looking back in time while constructing. It’s completely open source.

“Meet http://craft.cash  – a ‘Minecraft on the blockchain,’ stored 100% on Bitcoin Cash blockchain and served with Bitdb and Bitsocket,” _unwriter announced. “Created by a developer named ‘Jt’ (He’s not on social media but you can find him in our telegram chatroom).”

Better Than 3D

It’s structured to mirror a 3D feel, the desktop-only app “is essentially a 3d Matrix on the blockchain, storing the 3D coordinates of voxels inside OP_RETURN, then fetching and rendering them with BitDB/Bitsocket,” _unwriter continued. “Many have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in ICOs to build something like this, with NONE delivered so far.”

Minecraft on Blockchain: Looking Back in Time to Construct Own World

It’s an addictive, totally un-associated with Minecraft proper (more of a loving homage), and navigation is surprisingly smooth. There have been similar attempts or promises, but few delivered. As to how craft.cash came about, _unwriter explains, “Jt built this all on his own, with zero funding and zero scam ICOs, on the ONLY blockchain that’s infinitely scalable—Bitcoin Cash.”

With the dimension of time, it can be argued craft.cash is actually 4 dimensions. As _unwriter notes, “One last thing. Craft takes full advantage of the blockchain. It’s NOT just 3D. It’s actually 4D, complete with the “time” axis. It uses the block height as the 4th dimension. You can literally rewind to specific snapshot point in time.”

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