Mysterious Bitcoin Developer _unwriter Releases 21 Century Motor Company

“Starting today,” anonymous developer _unwriter, known for and, posted to Twitter, “Bitdb and Bitsocket are no longer a single website or a single API endpoint. It is a collective of multiple portable containerized instances that run on all major bitcoin cash nodes.” The dev also hinted of more to come after the November 15, 2018 hard fork.

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Developer _unwriter Releases First Phase of 21 Century Motor Company

Mere hours ago, BCH developer who goes by the handle _unwriter posted the famous Ceci n’est pas une pipe (This is not a pipe) painting by René Magritte, a Belgian mid-20th century artist known for his eye popping imagery.Mysterious Bitcoin Developer _unwriter Releases 21 Century Motor Company

The post had nothing to do with Magritte, as it turns out, and one thread comment put it best, “This is bigger deal that in [seems]. What was available only for people familiar with the cpp implementations (+ days of work) is now available to ALL devs with little JS experience with just a few lines of code.”

_unwriter gave a gif example, using, working across different nodes by switching the host URL. The mysterious dev lived up to the, well, mystery by insisting in a Magritte fashion, “There is no 21 century company. The ‘21 century motor company’ lives across every host under 21:,,,,”

Mysterious Bitcoin Developer _unwriter Releases 21 Century Motor Company

Phase 1

The developer also boasted of how users “can finally experience the MYTHICAL, ‘cross-validation across multiple nodes’ feature powered by Bitquery. Use bitquery to run analysis (through BitDB) and monitor live transaction patterns (through Bitsocket) across multiple nodes, in REALTIME.”

Sure to excite the already on fire Bitcoin Cash development community, _unwriter also noted the rollout is only the first phase, “and just a glimpse of what’s to come. The real rollout of the 21 Century Company starts in phase 2,” which will happen after the BCH hard fork scheduled for November 15th, 2018.

Mysterious Bitcoin Developer _unwriter Releases 21 Century Motor Company

To the BCH development community _unwriter burst upon the scene, floating proposals and code which have greatly impressed peers, business people, investors, and enthusiasts far and wide. Phase 1 rollout of 21 Century Motor Company appears to have captured the imagination of a crypto niche bent on innovation.

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