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The CoinSpice Podcast Hosted by C. Edward Kelso

The CoinSpice Podcast is an inside look at the cryptocurrency space, highlighting projects, personalities, and controversies. It’s available embedded in the individual article or on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Radio Public, Breaker, PocketCasts, PodBean, and Overcast.

CoinSpice Editor-in-Chief hosts, and each episode contains guests who are active in the crypto ecosystem. Whether they’re heading a startup, publishing their own content, authors, pundits, critics, The CoinSpice Podcast is a fascinating listen inside the world Satoshi Nakamoto created.

Guests include: Vin Armani, Daniel Krawicz, Derek Magill, Nick Bernabe, Cindy Wang, Kevin Werbach, Derrick J. Freeman, Gabriel Cardona, Caitlin Long, Andreas Brekken, Semyon Germanovich, Jamahl McMurran, Trevor Jones, Naomi Brockwell, Claire Boyle, Dayna Martin, Mark Lamb, Emily Rose Dallara, Akane Yokoo, Tammy Joo, David Gerard, Paul Puey, Emin Gün Sirer, Amaury Séchet, John Biggs, Chris Pacia, Matt Aaron, Michael Nye (Shill Nye), Jahon Khabilov, Adam Kokesh, Gene Epstein, Valentin Gupkin, Tim Swanson, Gabriel Scheare, Nick Tucker, Eléonore Blanc, Shiv Malik, Stephen Harrison, Jeff Paik, Amy Castor, Ben Munster, Peter Ryan, Jonald Fyookball, Vít Jedlička, Tyler Lindholm, Vinny Lingham, Keshav Ram Narla, Peter Rizun, Jonathan Toomim, Finn Brunton, Rosco Kalis, John Papola, Laura Young, Joshua Davis, Josh Ellithorpe, Joey B., Joey King, Leigh Cuen, Jeff Klee, Ian Freeman, Max Studennikoff, Max Gulker, Jamie Bartlett, Eli Dourado, Tim Tayshun, Stefan Rust, Jeff Garzik, Nischal Shetty, Michael del Castillo, Tobias Ruck, Zach LeBeau, Troy Murray, imaginary_username, pokkst, emergent reasons, Shammah Chancellor, George Donnelly, Mike in Space, Chris Troutner, Torsten Hoffmann 

CoinText's Vin Armani Can Code, Make Money, Steal Your Lady

CoinText’s Vin Armani Can Code, Make Money, Steal Your Lady

Vin Armani was my guest on this episode of Milk, Soothing Crypto's Burn, the flagship podcast for CoinSpice. He is a unicorn. He can...