Ayn Rand Would’ve Loved Crypto

Ayn Rand Would've Loved Crypto

Derek Magill of tryPathly.com and the Nakamoto Studies Institute joins C. Edward Kelso to discuss a thought experiment, Ayn Rand Would’ve Loved Crypto. Would Ayn Rand support crypto had she lived? The two chat about what they think that might look like, and imagine her working with Roger Ver, promoting BCH in Tokyo. 

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Ayn Rand Would’ve Loved Crypto

Ayn Rand was a 20th century philosopher and novelist. She skipped out on her Russian homeland in her late teens just as dirty communists were sacking it, leaving for her dream, Hollywood. She would snatch cameos in early silent films, and go on to learn more than functional English. She would become an acclaimed author. Ayn Rand Would've Loved Crypto

She wrote plays, and even snuck-in a few baldly anticommunist monographs, novellas if you will, before penning seminal philosophical love story, The Fountainhead (it would later become a major motion picture). The success of that brick of a book told publishers an appetite for romantic literature with a decidedly individualist bent was not being tended.

It was enough to get her a commission for her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged. What might happen, Rand fleshed out in a novel even longer than The Fountainhead, should those who produce, those who do the thinking and risk-taking, strike. It’s a provocative notion, and, depending on the list, Atlas Shrugged routinely ranks as one of the most personally influential books of all time.

Ayn Rand Would've Loved Crypto

Roger Ver is Hank Rearden

Magill and Kelso wax about personal heroes and those who’ve inspired them, including among the living such as Roger Ver. Ver, the two agree, is a modern day Hank Rearden, a protagonist in Atlas Shrugged. Principled. Fearless. Contrarian. Ver eerily fits the description, even if you dislike the guy. Ayn Rand Would've Loved Crypto

It’s the first in a series of episodes with Magill, who in soon to be published episodes of Milk explains his coming to crypto, forking an academic Institute, and the future of bitcoin cash.


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