Elon Musk Gone Wild: Offers Bitcoin, Twitter Locks Account, CZ to Buy Tesla

Elon Musk Gone Wild: Offers Bitcoin, Twitter Locks Account, CZ to Buy Tesla

It seems that life with Elon Musk is a pretty wild ride. You cannot be bored with Musky’s dealings in the Twittersphere. His strange behavior of late especially seems to have taken to extremes, perhaps exposing big decisions about Tesla in a careless way. This might have, in turn, contributed to making him step down from being CEO by order of the SEC. Recently, he appeared to offer bitcoin to any taker, and Twitter was so worried they locked him out of his own account. 

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Where The Wild Elon Musk Is

Elon Musk is really a carefree guy, even when managing millions of dollars in a myriad of companies. His approach to funding his transportation startup, The Boring Company, by selling hats and flamethrowers reflects that. Yesterday he entered the CryptoTwitter scene by asking people if they would want to buy bitcoins (or to maybe give them away?). Elon Musk Gone Wild: Offers Bitcoin, Twitter Locks Account, CZ to Buy Tesla

He of late is also feared by investors and loved by short sellers due to his announcements and public displays while still was CEO of Tesla Motors. As revolutionary as he is, a CEO smoking pot during a podcast interview can drop many points in a tech stock for whatever reason.

Musk’s wild Twitter ride seems to have only just begun. Yesterday he tweeted, maybe in a tongue-in-cheek manner, or maybe because he was as high as the gas prices during winter, that he loved anime, and that he also had a chibi Wolverine. Props to Marvel for the free advertising.

Elon Musk Loves Controversy

While talking about anime, he managed to bridge the obsessions: cryptocurrency and anime, tweeting the picture of a site called Cryptocurrency Girls that reimagines every cryptocurrency as an anime girl. Suddenly, CryptoTwitter exploded, with reactions and answers flying around. Elon Musk Gone Wild: Offers Bitcoin, Twitter Locks Account, CZ to Buy Tesla

Elon asked if someone wanted to buy bitcoins. This sparked the famous question: Which bitcoin? Unluckily, he ignored the question and moved on with his trolling.

People were very excited about him liking anime and making anime recommendations and picks. But among the sea of memes and stupidity, some serious questions and worries were expressed. Some people judged this new Twitter move as another irresponsible action by the main man of SpaceX, and others were almost sure that his account was hacked.

Elon Musk Gone Wild: Offers Bitcoin, Twitter Locks Account, CZ to Buy Tesla

Changpeng Zhao Would Buy a Tesla

To spice things up, another crypto actor entered the stage. This time, none other than Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance, tried to twist the situation by making a proposal.

Changpeng Zhao, known online as CZ, proposed to buy a Tesla with crypto. Elon did not answer the plea. The issue with Elon Musk-related companies receiving cryptocurrencies was also news last week when some outlets reported The Boring Company was accepting cryptocurrencies to pay for their famous “Not-A-Flamethrower. It was fake news

While Elon has been connected to the cryptocurrency world in many ways, like when he praised Twitter’s ethereum spambots, he has not accepted cryptocurrency for any product in the companies that he owns or leads.

Musk was mostly likely trolling everyone and having a good time, a thing that he had not been able to make since the Tesla incident … and even Twitter noticed, and judged that he could be having too good of a time to be true. Twitter locked his account, thinking that he could be a victim of a hack. Too bored or too high? Nobody will ever know.

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