CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Bitcoin Cash Node Fundraiser; Ripple DeFi “Band”; Kraken Cracks CoolWallet

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Startup implementation Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) launches an April fundraiser. Ripple attempts to go DeFi. Kraken breaks CoolWallet; and so much more in this installment!

Bitcoin Cash Node Fundraiser

Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) announced its fundraiser for April 2020. “With this proposal,” the 26-page document explained, “we expect to gather the necessary resources not only to maintain code soundness and implement upgrades, with a focus on immediate ecosystem concerns, but also establish tools and infrastructure necessary to inspire confidence in Bitcoin Cash as a usable, promotable, reliable form of money.”

Bitcoin Cash Node

The team is determined to use Flipstarter for the campaign which, as with BCHN, was developed in direct response to the controversial Infrastructure Funding Plan for Bitcoin Cash (IFP). Both it and BCHN, however, have moved on from simply reactionaries and into full-fledged production mode, viable alternative mode. It’s one thing to complain, but quite another altogether to actually produce.

Bitcoin Cash Node – Flipstarter Proposal looks to raise slightly more than a quarter-million dollars, and a detailed line-item budget is laid out in nearly a dozen areas. For investors and BCH enthusiasts alike, the IFP has accomplished at least one positive: the bar for transparency has been upped, and BCHN shows the way. And with the recently announced Bitcoin ABC fundraiser and business plan, the community can avail itself of side-by-side comparisons.

  • Shout Out to Dev Jonathan Toomim!

  • Bitcoin Cash Multisig Schnorr Added to Bitcore

  • How to Become a Fullstack Dev

  • Telegram BCHtipbot is Now Open Source

  • David Shares is a Solid Dude

  • BCH Ghana Endorses Zapit

  • BitCash v0.5.3.4 is Available

  • Ripple Attempts DeFi With Band

  • Electron Cash 4.0.14 With CashShuffle Available

Electron Cash 4.0.14 (with CashShuffle) is now available for Windows, Mac & Linux from btc

  • Incognito Mode for Bitcoin Cash

Incognito mode for Bitcoin Cash. Layer 2 & Trustless set up (feedback is needed) from Bitcoincash

  • Deprecating Many Public API Services

  • 1,000 Future Wallets!

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.21.3 Released

  • Next Step in Improving Ethereum’s Privacy

  • is dApps for Bitcoin Cash

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Crescent Cash Available on F-Droid

  • Kraken Cracks CoolWallet S Hardware

  • CoinEx Chain Soon to be Available on GitHub

  • Wasabi Wallet v1.1.11

  • BIP47 Coming to Crescent Cash

BIP47 reusable payment codes are coming to Crescent Cash! from btc

  • Software Verde Email Newsletter is a Go

  • Brave Heart Chrome Extension Version 0.6 is Out


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