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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Square and Blockstream Get Incestuous, BIP70, Bitcoin Verde Validates SLP

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) is a regular column, documenting cryptocurrency development. We highlight the projects and persons working under the hood to bring peer-to-peer, electronic cash to the world. Hot off the presses, Square and Blockstream seemingly get incestuous in a latest hiring. Schnorr signatures continue to gain traction. Badger Wallet goes mobile. Bitcoin Cash node implementations are rocking. BIP70 shows progress, and bchjs.cash launches. 

Square and Blockstream Get Incestuous

Square Crypto, a cryptocurrency-dedicated division of payments application Square Cash App, announced hiring Matt Corallo, most recently of Chaincode Labs Inc. Corallo is the first official crypto dev hire by the company, and, to some observers, his employment removes any lingering doubts about a connection between Jack Dorsey, CEO of both Twitter and Square, and his companies’ cozy relationship with the likes of Blockstream.

Blockstream is a BTC-focused development company, of which Corallo was a co-founder (he hasn’t formally worked at Blockstream for years, however). Corallo fairly recently described his feelings about the company’s BTC culture as, “I’m honestly pretty embarrassed to have helped cofound @Blockstream,” in reference to a spat he had with Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow.

That aside, Corallo has maintained ties to developers at Blockstream, and is widely respected in circles within that milieu regardless of personality differences with its marketing division. Placed in context, Corallo’s hiring is one more link between Dorsey, Twitter, and his BTC advocacy … all of which are becoming blurred.

  • Latest bitcoin-ts Includes Schnorr Signature Support

Read a fuller explanation here.

  • Badger Wallet Mobile Live for iOS, Android

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.19.12 on Docker Hub, AUR: 10,000+ Downloads

  • Leveraging BIP70

Looks like there’s been some recent activity.

  • Meet bchjs.cash: Portable Hard-Drive with BCH Blockchain, Indexers Pre-Synced

  • Bitcoin Verde Indexes, Validates SLP Transactions

Bitcoin Verde now indexes and validates SLP Transactions. from btc

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