Bitcoin Influencing Trump Midterm? BCH Boom, Chrome Spying, Tether Bank Confirmed

Bitcoin Influencing Trump Midterm? BCH Boom, Chrome Spy, Tether Bank Confirmed

DAILY SPICE is a quick roundup of the top news for CoinSpicers in a hurry. Online political magazine, Politico, floated the tantalizing headline, “Is Bitcoin Secretly Messing with the Midterms?” Tether’s teaming with a bank was finally confirmed. Google Chrome is once again accused of spying on users. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is surging in price. Those stories and more are today’s focus, so buckle up, it’s going to get spicy!

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Is Bitcoin Influencing Trump’s Midterm Congressional Races?

While few agree on tomorrow’s outcome, everyone confirms it is a referendum on the Trump administration’s first two years in office. The specter of The Donald looms, as Politico notes, “In an era of Russian hackers, super PACs and shell corporations being used by foreign entities to influence voting, officials tasked with maintaining the integrity of state and local elections have one more thing to worry about: crypto-candidates.”

Trump’s Russian thing has soured just about every political conversation, and Politico falls for slandering cryptocurrency. It should be by now a tired play, but it appears to gain clicks because mainstream media will just not stop.

Bitcoin Influencing Trump Midterm? BCH Boom, Chrome Spy, Tether Bank Confirmed

The piece is by and large garbage, a thousands of words nothing burger. “The Center for Public Integrity found 20 crypto-candidates of various political stripes,” Politico continues breathlessly, “seeking all levels of office, who have been requesting or have received cryptocurrency to support their efforts. At least three were candidates in a state that has since banned such donations. Another was accepting cryptocurrencies marketed as untraceable. The confusion over campaign cryptocurrency is widespread, and the implications are far from isolated. But the effort to establish uniform rules is lagging behind.”

Watch out, people in the US just might have a tiny amount of political and economic freedom!

Bitcoin Cash Jumps 25 Percent

It has been a while since the speculative markets yielded good news. Bitcoin Cash has been languishing of late, and then, this past weekend, surged more than 25 percentage points. Though it eventually settled, BCH went from about $460 per, to $585 by Sunday.

Bitcoin Influencing Trump Midterm? BCH Boom, Chrome Spy, Tether Bank Confirmed

Analysts are citing the coming November 15th, 2018 fork as a possible culprit. Coinbase adn Binance have released rather positive statements on the upgrade, though it has been an overall contentious matter with sides hardening of late on crypto Twitter.

Google Chrome Called Out by EFF

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) called out Google and its Chrome browser for the heavy amounts of personal information they collect on users. Among other suggestions, they urge “Chrome block certain kinds of “low-hanging fruit” tracking, like third-party cookies, while purposefully leaving the door open for more sophisticated methods. Google could then adjust its own tracking strategies to work within the rules Chrome would set. The company has already done something similar in the ad space, configuring Chrome to block egregiously annoying ads (but leaving its own ads alone).”

Bitcoin Influencing Trump Midterm? BCH Boom, Chrome Spy, Tether Bank Confirmed

A main worry is the continual conflict of interest, “Google cannot both be the umpire of what tracking ads are allowed and the pitcher of most of the ads.” The EFF believes Google to model better behavior for the entire industry. “A sustainable Web needs to be built on consent,” EFF scorns, “not subterfuge.” They’re also asking, “Chrome’s developers should have the freedom to design the best ‘user agent’ they can, without caving to the imperatives of Google’s advertising business. If this simply isn’t possible for the company, then the consumer harms of having these two conflicting business priorities under one roof may be cause for an intervention by antitrust or other legal authorities.”

Deltec Bank Confirms Relationship with Tether reported last week the mysterious company behind stablecoin USDT, Tether, claimed to have finalized a relationship with a bank in the Bahamas, Deltec. The two have been subject to rumors for months, and Tether has been under fire to produce an audit, proof of some kind, they actual hold reserves possible to peg their coin to the US dollar.

Bitcoin Influencing Trump Midterm? BCH Boom, Chrome Spy, Tether Bank Confirmed

The Block, quoting Jean Chalopin, chairman of Deltec, affirmed “the letter published by Tether is authentic,” referring to a note published by Tether in their initial announcement. The letter also “includes an attestation that on October 31, 2018, Tether’s portfolio cash value was $1,831,322,828.”

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