Hash War: Mysterious Anonymous Dev _unwriter Speaks!

Hash War: Mysterious Anonymous Dev _unwriter Speaks!

Mysterious, anonymous BCH developer _unwriter, of 21 Century Motor Company, creator of bitdb.network and bitsocket.org,  has taken to a public statement, aimed at the developer community about “which side” in the Hash War the increasingly influential personality will take: SV or ABC. The answer is at once provocative and profound. CoinSpice.io reprints it here as a service to the broader ecosystem with the clear understanding _unwriter is not associated with our pirate crypto news organization in any manner what-so-ever. We didn’t even ask _unwriter’s permission, FTW! In any event, the thoughts presented here are worth entering into the debate for crypto’s soul.  

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_unwriter Sends Message to Developers as Hash War Enters Second Week

Context: Nearly a week ago, the 15 November 2018 scheduled Bitcoin Cash network upgrade turned from a contentious hard fork into an all-out Hash War, dubbed so by what would eventually become the Bitcoin SV chain (SV) team. The result, indeed, was a chain split both sides claimed they didn’t want. Bitcoin ABC (ABC) was the de facto implementation, and, at least so far, it has gone on to retain the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ticker (and with it whatever network effect BCH has), if exchanges are the metric.

Hash War: Mysterious Anonymous Dev _unwriter Speaks!

There’s yet another upgrade, pushed through just yesterday by ABC, and it too has gotten a lot of flack and told-you-so feedback from SV supporters and beyond. The market has tanked. Ripple’s XRP leapfrogged Ethereum’s ETH for the number 2 spot by capitalization. Surveys show a massive move to sell, sell, sell … dump, dump, dump — CoinSpice.io

You Have it Completely Backwards

Let me tell you guys a secret. Many of you have it completely backwards. YOU—the developer—are the emperors of Bitcoin. Think of Bitcoin as a nation. YOU are the capitalists who build the wealth of the nation of bitcoin. Without you—the ones who create capital out of labor to increase the wealth of the nation of bitcoin—there is no value in bitcoin because the wealth of bitcoin as a nation comes from the utility you generate by building, it doesn’t come from speculating.

Hash War: Mysterious Anonymous Dev _unwriter Speaks!

Stop thinking like a follower and start thinking like a leader. Don’t play the herd game. You are your own man. It is not about which chain to “follow”, it’s about which chain YOU CHOOSE. There’s a huge difference. The blockchain is the seller and YOU are the buyer, YOU have all the power in the world to CHOOSE, not follow. Dwell on this for as long as you can.

To answer the FAQ “What chain does bitdb/bitsocket/bitquery choose?”: As you can see https://bitdb.network/21 all 4 nodes are supported. There’s no reason to take any of them down, but there is a VERY GOOD REASON to keep running every single one of them. I am giving YOU THE DEVELOPER the opportunity to make a rational choice.

Hash War: Mysterious Anonymous Dev _unwriter Speaks!

I Won’t Make that Choice for You

I won’t make that choice for you. It’s YOUR choice, you’re the emperor. Make your own choice. And just like any other important decisions in life, making a rational decision involves collecting as much information as you can before making the leap, and this takes time and effort. Take your time and do your own research. Ask around. This is more important than writing some code. Lastly, if any part of your uncertainty is a struggle between your heart and your mind, follow your mind.

Hash War: Mysterious Anonymous Dev _unwriter Speaks!

Just remember, YOU are the BUYER, and the blockchains are the SELLER. YOU are the one who’s shopping for the blockchain to build on top of. You have choice. I want you guys to realize how important you are. Don’t waste it.

Follow _unwriter here. Surf 21 Century Motor Company here.

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