Hash War Surprise: New Exchange Voltaire Discusses Implications for BCH Future

Founder and CEO Semyon Germanovich, and Head of Growth Jamahl McMurran, both from the new BCH base pair exchange Voltaire.cash join C. Edward Kelso for another important episode of Milk, CoinSpice.io ‘s flagship podcast. They’re the future of the space, and they have a lot to say about the contentious fork turned hash war. Don’t miss this. 

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Hash War! Voltaire.cash Caught by Surprise

They obviously knew a scheduled upgrade was probably going to be contentious. What took them off guard was the hash war that’s ensuing. Just a few months back, they launched their innovative, fast, inexpensive exchange … and now the industry looks like it might be changing, shifting in various ways.

The lads have their strong opinions about actors in the space, and they’re unafraid to voice their preference between SV and ABC.

Hash War Surprise: New Exchange Voltaire Discusses Implications for BCH Future

Missionaries, Not Mercenaries

One thing both men wanted to make clear is how they’re not out to make a money printing machine, and are not mere disinterested mercenaries. Yes, they’re all about serving the customer, but they’re most concerned with bringing peer-to-peer digital cash to the world.

The big take away from episode is how Semyon Germanovich and Jamahl McMurran represent the builders, the producers of the crypto’s future. They need to be listened to, heard, as businessmen and as enthusiasts. With all the jockeying and chest beating, voices like theirs can get pushed down, and we’re poorer for that happening as an ecosystem.

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