John McAfee Brings a Sword to the Fork Hash War

John McAfee Brings a Sword to the Fork Hash War

John McAfee has officially entered the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) scheduled upgrade turned contentious fork, brewing hash war. As two sides coalesced, SV and ABC, each vying for being the main implementation, and with ABC and Jihan Wu of Bitmain aligning, McAfee publicly backed Wu. An already social media heavy joust just got crazier.  

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John McAfee Backs Jihan Wu and ABC in Hash War

“Those who stand against Jihan Wu are a idiots who don’t see the realities of the playing field,” tweeted ecosystem celebrity John McAfee. “Please, get real. I will not let my ego destroy me by making me think I could challenge the only real power in this space. My email to him should make it clear to anyone where I stand.”

John McAfee Brings a Sword to the Fork Hash War

Wu is at the center of the current BCH hash war, considered by many to be an historic turn of events not only for the coin but for crypto in general. Apparently, McAfee has emailed Wu, offering help. “We don’t speak often,” he wrote, “and when we have it has been all business. I see you are going to war. I am the oldest warrior still standing on the battlefield. Some might say this is a disadvantage. Others not. In any case if I can serve you, you have my sword and my loyalty.”

Wu has recently been the subject of industry rumors ahead of both the fork and Bitmain’s pending initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong. A board shake up at his company, some insist typical for an IPO, has Wu effectively in a new, less visible position — a fact critics have seized upon.


The rhetoric has been quite strident in recent days. The SV side has issued statement after statement about preparing for “war,” and how they’re committed to ride out the consequences of a protracted battle come what may. McAfee’s entrance into the social media battle isn’t immediately clear as to what it might ultimately mean.

John McAfee Brings a Sword to the Fork Hash War

When a comment regarding the recent tweet called it all a joke, McAfee shot back, “Get real. This is not about money. it’s about block size. Bitcoin devs should have done exactly what Bitcoin Cash did. It’s the only assured way that transaction rates can grow. But egos won over common sense and they forced the BCH fork. Wake up!!! No wonder this is so fucked up.”

Another comment asked about McAfee’s contributions to BCH’s improvement. “It is improving and will continue to do so,” he answered. “The Bitcoin supporters should clean their own house before worrying what BCH is doing. They should have done the same as BCH. Had they done so, we wouldn’t have this fucking problem. Instead they idiotically forced a fork.” As of this writing, Jihan Wu has not made known his reaction to the McAfee offer.

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