Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion, Microsoft Blockchain ID, Pay With Crypto in 30K Stores

Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion, Microsoft Blockchain ID, Pay With Crypto in 30K Stores

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto update from your favorite reporter, Linzerd. Bitfinex raises $1 billion. Microsoft develops blockchain based ID solution. Bitcoin miners earning 8x more in fees than all other chains. Ebay might start accepting crypto, according to leaked pics. CashShuffle reaches 25K BCH shuffled. Crescent Cash integrates CoinText BIP-70 support, and Flexa partners with Gemini to release new paying SPEDN app.

Bitfinex Manages to Raise $1 Billion From Investors

Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency exchange being sued by the New York Attorney General Office, managed to raise $1 billion dollars to replace funds seized from a third party banking partner. Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino, declared on Twitter it was possible because investors “know we are trustworthy, they recognize what we have been doing (without needing us bragging about it publicly) and they want us keep fighting for the industry whole.”

Microsoft Developing ID Blockchain Based Solution

Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion, Microsoft Blockchain ID, Bitcoin Miners' Fees: ICYMI

Microsoft, the software giant, reported they are working on a decentralized blockchain-based identification solution. The project, called Ion, will be the first blockchain ID project launched by the company. It consists of cryptographic signatures and keys being stored in the bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin Miners Happy With Earnings From Fees

Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion, Microsoft Blockchain ID, Pay With Crypto in 30K Stores

Bitcoin miners are making a small fortune from transaction fees, according to an article by Longhash. The amount of money they are earning from these fees is eight times bigger than the fees of every other cryptocurrency combined. According to numbers from Messari, fees almost reached the $600,000 mark on May 10th alone, followed by Ethereum in a very distant second place.

eBay Might Start Accepting Crypto

A leaked set of pictures corresponding to advertising for the next Consensus Conference is making some people speculate about the possibility of eBay accepting cryptocurrencies natively. The ad reads, “Virtual Currency. It is happening on eBay.” While it is still mere speculation, most versions coincide that this could be the start of the relationship with a third party payment provider called Utrust that supports a multicurrency approach.

CashShuffle Reaches a Milestone: 25K BCH Shuffled

CashShuffle, the Bitcoin Cash exclusive greater transaction anonymity tool, reached a volume milestone. More than 25K Bitcoin Cash has been shuffled, with a big amount of 3K shuffled this weekend alone. In a short amount of time, CashShuffle has managed to be one of the most successful projects for privacy-oriented virtual currency users, now that it comes embedded with one of the leading BCH wallets, Electron Cash.

Crescent Cash New Version Features CoinText Integration

Crescent Cash, a relatively new Bitcoin Cash wallet developed by Pokkst, released a new version that features CoinText integration to send cryptocurrency via SMS. The wallet implements this in an easy way, letting the user send Bitcoin Cash to any of the contacts saved in the phone. It also presents a renewed codebase in Kotlin. This new release is already being distributed, and should be available in Google Play Store now.

Flexa Partners With Gemini to Launch SPEDN

Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion, Microsoft Blockchain ID, Pay With Crypto in 30K Stores

Flexa, a cryptocurrency payment network, announced a new partnership with Gemini to launch their app called SPEDN (a wordplay on HODL). The app will let users spend BTC, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum at 30,476 stores already associated with the network, and also hold them in the form of Gemini dollars, the Gemini exchange stablecoin, to avoid volatility at purchasing times. Customers will only have to scan a code with their phones to pay with the cryptocurrencies or stablecoins in their wallet.

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