Coinbase Trolled, JP Morgan’s Dimon Targeted, Vertcoin Attacked: ICYMI

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a blitzkrieg of spicy crypto news from your decentralized best friend, Linzerd. Coinbase is trolled by HBUS while working with PayPal. Jamie Dimon is being hounded by activists. Bitcoin mining gets way easier. PoW currencies are not Bitcoin, and Signature Bank goes crypto for intrabank institutional transfers.

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Huobi USA Trolls Wall Street and Coinbase

HBUS, the exchange kinda like the US arm of Huobi, has brought the big guns when it comes to trolling. The bank has started a billboard advertising campaign near Coinbase offices in San Francisco that illustrates the evolution of cryptocurrency trading. The funny thing is that the first step is none other than the Wall Street man, and the second link goes to Coinbase. The last link, of course, is HBUS. A good troll move from a nascent exchange in the USA.

Coinbase Trolled, JP Morgan's Dimon Targeted, Vertcoin Attacked: ICYMI

Bitcoin Hater Jamie Dimon Chased by Activists

There is an old saying that goes like “Your deeds will follow you until you die,” and for Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, this seems to be coming true. Activists from all over the USA are following Dimon to confront him due to his and JP Morgan’s various activities. Dimon, who has been known as a bitcoin hater, is now being actively harassed by various human right groups who even infiltrate conferences to confront him. You reap what you sow.

Coinbase Trolled, JP Morgan's Dimon Targeted, Vertcoin Attacked: ICYMI

Bitcoin Mining Gets Easier

A new difficulty adaptation for bitcoin mining has taken place, and now it is way easier to mine a bitcoin than two or three weeks before. This mechanism lets miners get back into the action while prices are going through tough times. This is the genius of the Bitcoin network, as it dynamically adapts itself to the pricing and profitability situation.

Bitcoin Clones Not as Secure as Bitcoin

The ongoing 51% attack on Vertcoin, a proof of Work-based cryptocurrency, has served to make a case about proof of work alternative cryptocurrencies. Mark Nesbitt, a security engineer at Coinbase, explains these kinds of cryptocurrency do not offer the same capabilities as bitcoin, and that exchanges holding these cryptos sacrifice security for availability. Take that Binance!

Signature Uses Ethereum for Institutional Payments

Signature Bank has just announced the launch of a new tool that will let them use a permissioned ethereum blockchain to do intrabank payments between institutions using tokens. The announcement states that this will let partners move funds in a more swift way (no pun intended). Once again, banks leverage cryptocurrencies to overcome their centralized limits.

Coinbase Trolled, JP Morgan's Dimon Targeted, Vertcoin Attacked: ICYMI

Coinbase and Paypal in Cahoots

The guys at Coinbase have silently and quietly enabled withdrawals to PayPal accounts for residents of certain countries. To be able to withdraw to a PayPal account first you will need to confirm your identity from the Coinbase platform and then you will be good to go. This will be incredibly useful for some people, and it could mean that in the future, Coinbase could allow deposits from PayPal. Love is in the air for these two.

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