Facebook Blockchain NDAs, Uncensorable Blog Tutorial, Poloniex BCH Margin Trade

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto update from your favorite reporter, Linzerd. Facebook blockchain investors signed NDAs after exploratory meetings. Chris Troutner posts uncensorable blog tutorials in honor of Julian Assange. Bitcoin Cash margin trading now available at Poloniex. Mining price war rages in Sichuan. Bcause mining company in Chicago goes bankrupt, and Cashual Wallet is looking for beta testers.

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Facebook Makes Possible Investors Sign NDAs After Meeting

Facebook is keeping its very secretive stance when it comes to their blockchain/cryptocurrency project, even when meeting with possible investors. According to Nathaniel Popper, journalist at the New York Times, investors that have met with Facebook people have had to sign NDAs to guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality.

Uncensorable Blog Tutorial by Chris Troutner

Chris Troutner, a Bitcoin.com developer, posted a two-part video tutorial about how to build an uncensorable blog. The developer declared he made this tutorial in honor of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. The tutorial goes to show how a site can be easily created with Gatsby and Markdown, and how this website can be uploaded to the blockchain to share it in a censorship-resistant way.

Bitcoin Cash Margin Trading Available on Poloniex

Facebook Blockchain NDA's, Chris Troutner's Uncensorable Blog Tutorial, BCH Margin Trade In Poloniex: ICYMI

Poloniex, the Circle-backed cryptocurrency exchange, announced leveraged margin trading of bitcoin cash and also bitcoin sv on their platform for non-US residents. According to the blog post, they will be using bitcoin core (BTC) as the base pair, and will only allow leverage levels of 2.5 times. Poloniex also stated they are working on adding more pairs and tokens for margin trading in the future.

Mining Price War in Sichuan, China

Facebook Blockchain NDA's, Chris Troutner's Uncensorable Blog Tutorial, BCH Margin Trade In Poloniex: ICYMI

The winter season has brought up a mining price war in Sichuan due to the cheap power tariffs offered by power companies. However, mining demand has not caught up to the offer, and mining operations are now cutting prices to attract the few still customers available. Bitdeer is offering a wet season combo, with a power price of 0.22 yuan, and other companies are expected to follow.

Bcause LLC Mining Company Goes Bankrupt

Even with prices getting a little better in the last days, cryptocurrency mining operations are still at almost margin level prices. Another cryptocurrency mining company has filed for Chapter 11 protection. Chicago based Bcause has gone bankrupt, having debts with the power company (Dominion Energy Virginia) of almost 1.5 million dollars.

Cashual Wallet Looking for Beta Testers

Cashual Wallet, the Bitcoin Cash wallet with easy management and a clean interface, is now searching beta testers for its next Android release. The developer, Jonathan Silverblood, who is also the creator of the Cash Accounts abbreviated address system, has announced on Twitter the beta version has working transactions and the only function still not implemented is the backup manager.

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