GMO Mining No More, McAfee’s Airplane Gun, Vitalik: BSV a “Pure Dumpster Fire”

GMO Mining No More, McAfee Loves Guns, Vitalik: BSV a

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a quick round of compressed news bullets flying directly to your brain brought by your decentralized shooter, Linzerd. GMO gets out of the mining hardware business. Vitalik bad talks BitcoinSV. Binance reviews of 2018. PwC says 2019 will be the year of institutional crypto. Body heat not a great source of energy for mining, and McAfee loves guns almost as much as crypto.

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GMO Exits Mining Hardware Business, Battered

GMO Mining No More, McAfee Loves Guns, Vitalik Calls BSV "A Dumpster Fire"

GMO, the famous Japanese internet conglomerate, announced they will not keep manufacturing miners due to extraordinary losses. Starting in 2017 they got into the mining hardware business when the industry was in full boom, but they have lost more than 300 million dollars just in this quarter alone, so they are throwing-in the towel and abandoning the business. Bye Felicia.

Vitalik Stomps on BSV

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum and its most vocal defender, stated that while he has his own set of beliefs and differences with bitcoin, he respects they are trying to build some genuinely “cool tech.” He also badmouths the recently forked BSV by declaring that it is “a pure dumpster fire.”

Binance Year 2018 in Review

GMO Mining Hardware Is No More, McAfee Loves His Guns And Vitalik Calls BSV "A Dumpster Fire": ICYMI

Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, published a post where they review their experiences and performance this year. Even with the bear market, this was a good year for Binance. Although they had troubles with the Japanese government, they managed to expand and spearhead a series of important initiatives like SAFU, a fund to insure traders over accidental loses. Changpeng Zhao, its CEO, was so busy he forgot to put pants on for some meetings.

PwC’s 2019 Prediction

GMO Mining No More, McAfee Loves Guns, Vitalik: BSV a "Dumpster Fire"

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a top accounting firm, has made a prediction for crypto’s 2019. Their China and Hong Kong Crypto head, Henri Arslanian, believes that big financial institutions will hop aboard the cryptocurrency train and will drive adoption up. Institutional investors will drive trust up also, and everyone will want to drink the crypto Kool-Aid, at least that is what he thinks. However, crypto markets have been difficult to predict (ask Tom Lee).

Institute of Human Obsolescence Mines Crypto with Body Heat

GMO Mining No More, McAfee Loves Guns, Vitalik: BSV a "Dumpster Fire"

An organization called the Institute of Human Obsolescence has attempted to mine cryptocurrencies using heat the human body produces, examining how viable would it be to produce clothes capable of powering gadgets and miners. Ultimately they calculated that to mine one bitcoin monthly, more than 44,000 humans would have to give their energy every day.

McAfee’s “Airport Friendly” Gun

Every man’s favorite cryptocurrency advocate, John McAfee claims to have been shown a gun supposedly legal 50 states and safe to carry even onto commercial flights. It uses compressed hydrogen to fire its rounds. He demonstrates the weapon in a short Twitter video and is seen firing the whole clip filled with blanks (hopefully). His love for guns and gun advocacy is very clear from other tweets, and seeing a future presidential candidate to shoot like that is such a blast.

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