Telegram ICO White Paper Destroyed, Ripple Invented Smart Contracts, ICYMI

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), an ethereum token quick dump at the lowest price brought to you by your favorite ICO manager, Linzerd. Bitcoin recognized as a useful thing by Time. Filecoin dumps 200,000+ ETH at its lowest. eToro to pay cash for Bitcoin SV. Ripple invented the smart contract. Telegram Tech white paper a disaster, and crypto is big in Japan again.

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Telegram ICO Tech White Paper a Disaster

A thread authored by David Gerard, a known cryptocurrency author, states that the technical white paper of one of the most expected ICOs of this year, the Telegram ICO, is a disaster. In a 26 tweet declaration, he basically says most of the white paper is wishful thinking, stating that in the document “there are bursts of ridiculously low-level detail, and other bits are handwaved, or conspicuously absent.” Pavel Durov’s baby has failed to deliver a working product this year.

Smart Contracts an XRP Initiative First

Stefan Thomas, a cryptocurrency developer, has stated in a Medium article that he was the first one developing a prototype for smart contracts based on the XRP ledger. This happened in 2012. But during 2013, he was visited by a young Vitalik Buterin, described by him as a “bitcoin developer.” He took his idea and integrated it in the ethereum platform.

Bitcoin Recognized as Freedom Tool by Time Magazine

Telegram ICO White Paper Destroyed, Ripple Invented Smart Contracts, ICYMI

Time Magazine has released a new article on the importance of bitcoin for freedom in certain countries. They comment on the case of Venezuela, a country severely hit by the economic disaster produced by government inefficiency and aggravated by US sanctions. With bitcoin, families can send remittances without having to declare or go through banking or government system, a powerful tool.

Japanese Self Regulation Brings Hundreds of Companies to Crypto

Japan has attracted 190 companies to the cryptocurrency industry after they declared they were letting exchanges define their own rules, making some startups very interested in entering the business. However, there are only 16 licensed cryptocurrency operators in the country, after some big hacks happened this year in two big exchanges, Zaif and Coincheck.

Filecoin ICO Dumps More Than 200,000 Ethereum

Telegram ICO White Paper Destroyed, Ripple Invented Smart Contracts, ICYMI

The bear market has impaced various Initial Coin Offering projects during this year, and some like Substratum have admitted they are trading with users’ currency to survive. Filecoin, a well known ICO, has sold more than 200,000 ethereum from its treasury this December, according to a report from Diar. While some ICOs have sold their ethereum in the lowest point of the year, others have traded it for stablecoins.

eToro Will Reimburse Bitcoin Cash Holders with Cash for Bitcoin SV

Telegram ICO White Paper Destroyed, Ripple Invented Smart Contracts, ICYMI

The Israeli social trading startup eToro has stated that they will reimburse Bitcoin Cash holders with cash corresponding to their respective Bitcoin SV holdings, according to a statement released on their own platform. The firm declared BCH holders with positions open when the hard fork happened would be reimbursed with 92 dollars per BSV, the price the coin held when the credit for this was processed, even when they don’t have an obligation to support hard forks.

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