American Express Loves Ripple, CoinText in 37 Countries, Tether Weakens: ICYMI

American Express Loves Ripple, CoinText in 37 Countries, Tether Weakens: ICYMI

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a blitzkrieg of spicy crypto news from your decentralized best friend, Linzerd. CoinGeek dumps Bitcoin Cash. Don Wonton bets a nipple tattoo. Bitcoin SV gets double spent. The Bitcoin white paper arrives at Cambridge signed by CSW. American Express loves Ripple. Cointext keeps expanding, and Tether loses dominance.

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American Express in Love with Ripple

American Express Loves Ripple, CoinText in 37 Countries, Tether Weakens: ICYMI

American Express, the credit card provider, has stated its praise about the ability of Ripple to complete remittances in just seconds and in record times. American Express has already partnered up with Ripple and Santander to establish a joint payment network. Ripple has continued to score agreements with multiple large banks to use their xRapid/xCurrent system, and banks love the solutions that Ripple brings to them. So for American Express and Ripple, love is in the air.

Don Wonton Nipple Tattoo Bet

Don Wonton, YouTube cryptocurrency personality, famous for being recently interrupted by Craig Wright in a Livestream, has announced that if Bitcoin SV consistently achieves 20K TPS in the next two years, he will tattoo the logo of the cryptocurrency, a circling dragon, around his right nipple. He also made a nod to the famous phallic eating bet of John McAfee, saying that he might be inclined to do that if he loses. The keyword of this bet is “consistently,” something Wonton is sure won’t happen.

CoinText Spreads Far and Wide

CoinText, the initiative that lets people send Bitcoin Cash without internet service, just with SMS, has started offering their services in two new countries in Latin America, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, important economies of the area. With this, CoinText’s number of countries supported has bloomed to 37. Colombia is very important because Venezuelans are flocking more and more to this country, and CoinText can help them transact and use cryptocurrencies easily with feature phones.

Bitcoin SV Prone to Double Spending

A video spreading through social media has shown a critical vulnerability in the way that Bitcoin SV handles “0-conf” payments, and their being prone to double spending attacks by any user that wishes to do so. The user, nicknamed “reizu,” achieved this by using a POS app called “POP,” that paradoxically is considered able to detect double spending in transactions. The technical explanation of this event can be found on a post authored by the same reizu published on So not only miners can double spend, users can do it too.

Bitcoin White Paper Signed by CSW In Cambridge

Marianne Jett, known cryptoc Twitterati, informed followers a reproduction of the Bitcoin white paper, considered to be the bible of cryptocurrencies, was signed by Doctor Craig Steven Wright and donated to the Cambridge Library. In her words “now it sits next to documents of the 8th century and remains there as long as the College exists.” What a great honor for this signed document to be among all those other books in the Cambridge Library. Time will tell if it is worthy.

American Express Loves Ripple, CoinText in 37 Countries, Tether Weakens: ICYMI

Tether Dominance Falters

Tether, the most used and known stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market, has dropped its percentage of dominance in the stablecoin universe. The once almighty stablecoin has dropped from being almost exclusively used to about 70% the stablecoin market. This is thanks to the launch of several more attractive and transparent alternatives, and also to the problems that Tether has faced when the cryptocurrency lost its peg to the US dollar. Still, after all, they retain an important part of the market. So, Tether, don’t you worry child.

CoinGeek Dumped Bitcoin Cash onto the Market

American Express Loves Ripple, CoinText in 37 Countries, Tether Weakens: ICYMI

The old dump never ceases to exist in the cryptocurrency world. According to a Reddit post by user lyf208617, CoinGeek, the company behind the fork of Bitcoin Cash that was created after the so-called “hash war,” Bitcoin SV, has been dumping a good amount of Bitcoin Cash mined before the fork onto the market. The post shows a series of wallet addresses and where more than 34K Bitcoin Cash were sold. This was the action that supposedly caused the BCH price to dump last week. Where there is smoke…

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