BitMEX Thanks Satoshi, NASDAQ Tokenized Securities, Coinbase’s Amazing Year

BitMEX Thanks Satoshi, NASDAQ Tokenized Securities, Coinbase's Amazing Year

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), an expensive and flashy set of ads bought by your decentralized exchange CEO, Linzerd. CashAccounts gains traction. now accepts Bitcoin Cash. BitMEX celebrates Genesis Block anniversary with a Times headline. NASDAQ to offer tokenized shares. Coinbase celebrates one hell of a year, and Lightning Network activity will be harder to monitor.

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Exchange to Offer NASDAQ Tokenized Shares

DX.Exchange, a soon to open Estonian and Israeli exchange, will offer the possibility of buying tokenized securities from 10 NASDAQ listed companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Tesla to investors outside of the USA. This would let users trade stocks without having to use regular markets to do it, and supposedly every token would be backed by a real share, a la Tether, giving users right to reclaim the same dividends that regular investors reclaim. This could be a look at the future of the stock markets according to Bloomberg.

Cash Accounts to be Implemented ASAP by Copay

The CashAccounts initiative seems to have been received pretty well in the wallet and exchange environments. Some of them are already on board or taking steps to implement this neat system that lets people get actually readable wallet addresses. Copay is one of them, as shown by a tweet above from Matias Alejo Garcia, an open source dev at Bitpay, where he says they will try to implement it ASAP. Great for onboarding new users who might feel threatened by the actual naming scheme for wallet addresses. now Accepting Bitcoin Cash Support

BitMEX Thanks Satoshi, NASDAQ Tokenized Securities, Coinbase's Amazing Year, one of the most comprehensive stats and info sites about the cryptocurrency market, is now accepting support in the form of Bitcoin Cash contributions. This is one important source of data, with information mostly about OTC and P2P exchanges like LocalBitcoins and Paxful in third world countries such as Venezuela. Depending on the donation, donors receive recognition on their web page equivalent to the amount contributed.

BitMEX Commemorates Genesis Day with a Times Headline

BitMEX Thanks Satoshi, NASDAQ Tokenized Securities, Coinbase's Amazing Year

BitMEX, the exchange whose head is none other than the polemic Arthur Hayes, found a feisty and not very cheap way of celebrating Genesis Block day. They bought a space on the first page of the Times to say, “Thanks Satoshi. We owe you one. Happy 10th birthday Bitcoin” with the BitMEX logo. Coincidentally, the word debt is also on the cover of the Times when Satoshi Nakamoto included the message in the Genesis Block about an imminent second bailout for banks.

Bad Year for Crypto, Good One for Coinbase

BitMEX Thanks Satoshi, NASDAQ Tokenized Securities, Coinbase's Amazing Year

It was a rough year for the cryptocurrency market, but Coinbase, one of the most famous exchanges, had a great year in terms of features added and money collected from investors. This is what its CEO Brian Armstrong declares in an open letter to the community posted in their Medium account. From adding new cryptocurrencies to their platform, implementing Paypal withdrawals, and even collecting more than 300 million dollars in a new round of financing, it was a boom year for the people at Coinbase.

Lightning Network Nodes Will Be Harder to Measure

Elizabeth Stark has affirmed Lightning Network nodes will be increasingly harder to measure, in an answer to a tweet from Arjun Balaji, that predicts a certain rise for the second layer expansion. According to her, this is because their “app will have unadvertised nodes/channels by default.” This will make it a difficult task to account for the real number of nodes and the usage of LN for everyday payments, adding obstacles to acquiring statistics about the layer and its success.

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