Litecoin Sponsors UFC, Lightning Node Shut Down, SEC On Life Support

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a fast government shutdown sponsored by Congress and brought to you by your non-statist, decentralized friend Linzerd. Litecoin sponsors UFC. Mining whitepapers are as common as vanilla ice cream. SEC is on life support mode. Andreas Brekken shuns LN due to its unprofitability. Binance accused of taking Ripple bribes.

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Litecoin into the Octagon with UFC

Litecoin scored a sponsorship deal with UFC that will give them a presence in UFC 232: JONES VS. GUSTAFFSON 2, a rematch highly anticipated by mixed martial arts fans. The deal states the Litecoin logo will be displayed in the fight ring (the Octagon) and displayed to millions of people all over the world. Litecoin will get some exposure to fighting fans for an undisclosed price.

Binance Called Out for Favoring Ripple Listings

Litecoin Sponsors UFC, SEC On Life Support and Venezuelans Keep Buying Bitcoin: ICYMI

A new article released by Trust Nodes suggests Ripple could have something to do with the listing changes going on in their platform. With these new changes, XRP would be featured as trading pairs, and Ethereum pairs would be relegated to separate “ALTS” pairs, something that bothers some users. Binance listing and ticker choices have long been the target of criticism and even mockery, something that is happening again.

Mining White Papers Are the Most Common Out There

A new article researched the most common topics of cryptocurrency white papers. It found mining white papers are the most common. The team behind this investigation took 2,431 white papers and searched for keywords that would describe their area of activity. Other popular topics found were market, game, and loan, which serve to describe the direction that the ICO community has taken up this year, with gaming and betting being an important part of the dApp environment.

SEC Shuts Down Along with Federal Government

The almighty SEC, the agency in the eye of the storm for cryptocurrency regulations, is also part of a government, and believe it or not is still vulnerable to bureaucracy. That is why they are being affected by the government shutdown resulting from the power struggle between US lawmakers and its executive. The SEC informed they will be reducing their operations to the bare minimum.

Andreas Brekken Says Lightning Network Unprofitable

Andreas Brekken, cryptocurrency adviser, developer, and also an investor, has declared Lightning Network is unprofitable, and a hassle to maintain. He took his LN node down because the costs of the operation were far more expensive than the benefits. He also said recovering funds if the other side of the channel disconnects could take weeks. He should know something about the subject, as he has had the biggest LN hub for some time.

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