China’s Ban Fails, BTC.TOP Mining Controversy, Lightning Still Not Ready: ICYMI

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a blitzkrieg of spicy crypto news from your decentralized best friend, Linzerd. China’s ban on crypto has somewhat backfired. Amazon registers cryptocurrency domains. Bitcoin bomb threats go through the USA. BTC.TOP is not mining BSV, and Lightning Network is still not ready.

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China’s Ban on Crypto is Not Very Effective

According to TrustNodes, it seems that the cryptocurrency ban instated by the Chinese government has not been very effective. Research shows how even with the government on the heels of cryptocurrency exchanges, activity, etc., the number of apps downloaded has grown more than 200% compared with the same period on last year.

Amazon Registers Cryptocurrency Related Domains

China's Cryptocurrency Ban Has Failed, Robinhood Products Likely Not Insured & Lightning Network Is Still Not Ready: ICYMI

A series of domains seemingly related to cryptocurrency have been registered recently by Amazon. One of the domains registered is, a name indicating something could be going on with Amazon and the world of crypto. However, Amazon has never talked seriously about crypto, and so it could only be some kind of protection against third parties wanting to use these domains for scams. Only time will tell.

Bitcoin Bomb Threats Across US

A series of bomb email threats swept the US recently. The reports of these threats were scattered through the United States and all were notified by the same email. The email threatened that there is a small bomb hidden somewhere in the building that will blow up if the person does not deliver $20,000 in bitcoin to a designated address. Follow up reporting stressed the threats were a hoax.

BTC.TOP is Not Mining BSV

China's Cryptocurrency Ban Has Failed, Robinhood Products Likely Not Insured & Lightning Network Is Still Not Ready: ICYMI

A new statement by Jiang Zhuoer has clarified a misunderstanding regarding his pool mining a BitcoinSV block. It appears that there were some small hash mining on the SV chain for research purposes and luckily (or unluckily) found a block. In the statement, he goes hard against Craig Wright, saying that “CSW has caused detrimental effects to the BCH community and I still think that CSW is a liar.” So it is clear they won’t be mining BSV for the time being.

Lightning is Still Not Ready

A new blog post tells the story of yet another payment processor, SCIPIO ERP, that tried to include Lightning Network in their payment options. They found lightning payments were almost instantly settled when they do work. However, they also found significant caveats in the implementation of the Lightning tech. Broken and badly routed payments, a tedious and difficult route of work to enable a channel to receive payments, and a low probability of it scaling to solve these problems were among the findings. In summary, Lightning Network is still 18 months away.

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