TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a fast set of crypto hacks, brought by your favorite online thief, Linzerd. Cryptopia hacked yet again. Charlie lee wants privacy for Litecoin. Chicago bursts with cryptocurrency ATMs. Brave and Cheddar partner. NVIDIA reduces earnings by $500 million, and Bank of Korea abandons central cryptocurrency idea.

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Cryptopia Still Being Hacked: 1,675 ETH Lost

Cryptopia Hacked Again, Charlie Lee Wants A Private Litecoin, and NVIDIA Flops Again: ICYMI

The New Zealand based exchange Cryptopia has being hacked again, after having lost more than $10 million in an attack less than a month ago. A new report states more than 17K wallets were involved this time, and it is presumed that the same hacker was the one that perpetrated this attack.

Charlie Lee Wants Privacy For Litecoin

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, expressed in a tweet recently that this year he will focus on bringing fungibility and privacy to Litecoin by adding confidential transactions. It seems privacy is the new trend in the cryptocurrency world, with mimblewimble based coins being in the spotlight since Grin was released this month. Litecoin has always been considered Bitcoin’s lesser brother, so this perhaps will help it to differentiate from its more successful sibling.

Cryptocurrency ATMs Aplenty in Chicago

Cryptopia Hacked Again, Charlie Lee Wants A Private Litecoin, and NVIDIA Flops Again: ICYMI

Chicago has become a cryptocurrency ATM heaven, with almost 100 installed and operating in the city. Although companies know that this is a very niche market, they are targeting Chicago due to its relatively high adoption rates. Lux Vending deployed 30 cryptocurrency ATMs just this January, added to the 60 that Red Leaf Chicago has installed since 2014, along with 3 more from Athena.

Brave and Cheddar Partner to Offer Premium Content

Cryptopia Hacked Again, Charlie Lee Wants A Private Litecoin, and NVIDIA Flops Again: ICYMI

Brave, the cryptocurrency fueled browser, and Cheddar, the millennial-focused news network, have partnered to offer the Brave Browser user free access to premium content for the next three months. “The idea of unlocking our premium feeds for Brave users via crypto funding, with no sign-up, seemed like a natural way to engage a passionate community,” Cheddar’s CEO, Jon Steinberg, declared.

NVIDIA Reduces Earning Projection By $500 Million

Cryptopia Hacked Again, Charlie Lee Wants A Private Litecoin, and NVIDIA Flops Again: ICYMI

NVIDIA announced an update on their projections for this quarter, reducing earnings by $500 million less than projected, from $2.7 billion to $2.2 billion. NVIDIA’s report blames this on three reasons: the lack of demand and slump for cryptocurrency mining GPUs, China’s weak economy, and the lack of demand for their new RTX gaming cards lineup that has not convinced players of its main benefit: raytracing. This is a huge setback for the company that now has piled two bad quarters in a row.

Bank of Korea Abandons Central Cryptocurrency Idea

The bank of Korea abandoned the idea of issuing a central bank cryptocurrency due to the economic and social costs that it would incur to adapt the infrastructure of the banking system to do it. There have been studies that declare use of state-backed cryptocurrencies can have a beneficial effect on monetary polices, but the Bank of Korea has disavowed this option for the time being.

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