Erik Voorhees Versus Maximalism, Investors Sue NVIDIA, Grannies Mine Bitcoin

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a quick block of bitcoin mined by your decentralized Russian babushka, Linzerd. Samsung goes crypto. Erik Voorhees takes on Bitcoin Maximalism. Bitcoin not the rebel it once was. BBC introduces mining grannies in Russia. NVIDIA to face class action suit, and the SEC has only recovered small ROI from ICO scams.

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Eric Voorhees Criticizes Bitcoin Maximalism

Erik Voorhees, CEO of Shapeshift, went all out on Twitter against Bitcoin Maximalism in an argument with investor Tuur Demeester, calling his behavior “tribalist.” Voorhees also remarked both currencies, BTC and ETH, have different pros and cons, and maximalists just highlight the pros while ignoring the cons. The thread got heated enough where Voorhees asked to “give a fucking break” to Ethereum.

Bitcoin is Not the Rebel Asset Class it Once Was

Bitcoin was, in its humble beginnings, like an acne filled teenager, uncontrollable and led by urges and internal struggles. But now, according to a new article published by the Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin adolescence as an asset class might be coming to an end. According to them, the influx of money from traditional markets has made bitcoin behave like traditional assets, just far riskier and volatile. They also mention gold, and compare it to bitcoin.

Samsung Trademarks “Samsung Crypto Wallet” in UK

Erik Voorhees Versus Maximalism, Investors Sue NVIDIA, Grannies Mine Bitcoin

It seems Samsung is ready to drink from the crypto Kool-aid. They have introduced a trademark filing for the term “Samsung Crypto Wallet” in the UK. The filing states they could name “Smartphones; Tablet computers; Portable computers; Mobile telephones; Computer software” with the phrasing. This could bring crypto to mainstream phones and remove exclusivity from brands like Sirin Labs and HTC have with specially designed phones’ cryptocurrency wallet features. The crypto mobile field is getting bigger.

BBC Features Bitcoin Mining Babushkas in Siberia

A new feature mini-documentary from the BBC tells the life of bitcoin “babushkas” in Siberia, grannies who take advantage of the cold weather and cheap electricity to mine cryptocurrencies on Russian soil. Having miners in her own house, they have even found new uses for miners: drying pumpkin, herbs, and tea leaves. These ladies call miners “boxes that make noise and bring in money.” In Soviet Russia, grannies mine bitcoin even during the bear market.

NVIDIA to Face Class Action Suit From Investors

Erik Voorhees Versus Maximalism, Investors Sue NVIDIA, Grannies Mine Bitcoin

NVIDIA, one of the leading GPU vendors, will have to face a class action suit from investors who feel discontent with company behavior and results from the last quarter. The Schall Law Firm is encouraging investors to join the suit because NVIDIA claimed “any drop off in demand for its GPUs amongst cryptocurrency miners would not negatively impact the Company’s business. Join the case to recover your losses,” they declare.

SEC Only Recovered $36 Million From Scammy ICOs

Erik Voorhees Versus Maximalism, Investors Sue NVIDIA, Grannies Mine Bitcoin

A new article from the Wall Street Journal has found that even when the SEC has stepped up its game, fund recovery from scammy initial coin offerings is an uphill task. From more than 90 irregular ICOs the agency has recovered only $36 million, a quite low sum of money considering the number of cases taken down.

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