Japan Crypto ETFs, Fortnite Accepting Monero An

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a fast approval of ETFs brought to you by your favorite crypto watchdog employee, Linzerd. Japan is studying cryptocurrency ETF approval. Crypto conferences were at an all-time high in 2018. Fortnite accepting Monero was an accident. Ethereum Classic blockchain suffered several reorgs, Bitcoin Core (BTC) fees rise, and Ledger launches NanoX.

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Japan Likely to Approve Cryptocurrency ETFs

Japan Considering Crypto ETFs, Fortnite Accepting Monero An "Accident", And Bitcoin Fees Rising: ICYMI

Japan, a country considered a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry, is reportedly interested in allowing crypto ETFs to be traded in the country, according to an article by Bloomberg citing an anonymous source. The FSA, the cryptocurrency watchdog, will be measuring interest in the industry regarding introduction of this kind of instrument.

More Crypto Conferences Than Days In 2018

Japan Considering Crypto ETFs, Fortnite Accepting Monero An "Accident", And Bitcoin Fees Rising: ICYMI

The most recent investigation from Long Hash discovered there were more cryptoconferences than days in the last year. The bear market did not impact the number of conferences, with more than 400 happening. However, there were fewer attendees than in 2017 because some of the prices were prohibitive — something Vitalik Buterin pointed out when he skipped a few major ones in 2018.

Fortnite Taking Monero Was an “Accident”

Tim Sweeney, head of Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, clarified acceptance of cryptocurrency (specifically Monero) by their official merch store was an accident. He stated that while they worked with a partner to open a merch store, they started accepting cryptocurrency somewhere along the line, something a little strange for a multimillion dollar gaming company.

Ethereum Classic Hit with 51% Attack

Japan Considering Crypto ETFs, Fortnite Accepting Monero An "Accident", And Bitcoin Fees Rising: ICYMI

Coinbase alerted customers about a deep reorganization attack the Ethereum Classic chain has suffered. As a consequence of this, they paused all trading and movements on the blockchain to secure funds of customers. In the aftermath of this detection, Coinbase also discovered 8 reorganizations happened, including double spending attacks.

Bitcoin Mempool Up, Fees Rise

The bitcoin mempool is seeing much more activity than the usual, spikes making fees rise up to as much as 0.0408 sat/byte. This is, of course, related to the fact bitcoin has been up more than 5% to reach 4,000 dollars for the first time during this year. At just the start of the year, it could be possible for disastrously high fees to appear during a bull run. Don’t say you were not warned.

Ledger Launches New Nano X Wallet

Japan Considering Crypto ETFs, Fortnite Accepting Monero An "Accident", And Bitcoin Fees Rising: ICYMI

Ledger, a hardware wallet cryptocurrency manufacturer, debuted the new Nano X wallet, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, making it able to work directly with mobile devices. Apps will be new for Ledger, and they will allow for third parties to develop them. These features can impact reliability against attacks, they claim. It will be launched later this January.

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