EOS Hacked Again, Huobi Loves to Troll, Bear Market Bags Another Exec: ICYMI

EOS Hacked Again, Huobi Loves to Troll, Bear Market Bags Another Exec: ICYMI

Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a delicious ham and cheese quick sandwich made by your decentralized chef Linzerd. Western Union explores cryptocurrencies and blockchain. EOS hacked again. Canada warns citizens to buy weed with cash. Huobi marketing team loves memes. Substratum ICO day trades with their customers’ Ethereum, and Blythe Masters steps down as CEO of Digital Asset.

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EOS Betting dApps Hacked Again

Three EOS based betting dApps have been hacked again, this time with losses up to 200K EOS. BetDice, EOSMax, and ToBet have been the three startups affected by this bug that apparently uses a vulnerability in the way nodes are synced, and has nothing to do with earlier attacks that took advantage of weaknesses at a smart contract level. This might be more serious than it seems, so programmers are looking into it. EOS security flops again.

Western Union Cuddles with Crypto and Blockchain

A new video report produced by Reuters about Western Union explores the relationship the remittance giant has with the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Odilon Almeida, president of Western Union Money Transfer, talks about how blockchain is a tech with many applications, and how they could be ready to offer cryptocurrencies as one currency more in their portfolio anytime. Good move for adapting their services to a new paradigm in the near future.

Canada Warns Citizens to Buy Weed With Cash

The government of Canada officially advised their citizens to use alternative, non-registered payment methods (like cash) to buy weed even though the drug is completely legal in that country. The problem is their neighboring country, the US, can still prevent marijuana buyers to enter their territory if they know that they are to purchase the drug. Retailers cannot ask for info when selling marijuana, but the payment always records the event of a purchase.

Huobi Continues to Troll the Market

EOS Hacked Again, Huobi Loves to Troll, Bear Market Bags Another Exec: ICYMI

HBUS, the exchange that constitutes the branch of the Huobi exchange in the US, is making very interesting use of memes and references to the bear market, noting how stressful can be the life of a day trader. They have billboards around San Francisco to promote their new cryptocurrency exchange as being the less stressful.

Substratum ICO Shamelessly Admits Trading Ethereum

A Substratum ICO update by its CEO Justin Tabb has brought investors a very sour piece of information. The man shamelessly admitted they were using some of the ether collected by the ICO to day trade and pocket gains. He admitted they had an experienced trader on the team, and that their idea was to “buy low and sell high.”

Blythe Masters Says Bye Bye to Digital Asset

EOS Hacked Again, Huobi Loves to Troll, Bear Market Bags Another Exec: ICYMI

Blythe Masters, a legendary businesswoman who abandoned JPMorgan Chase to focus on a relatively unknown blockchain startup called Digital Asset, has announced she will be abandoning CEO functions in the company. Blythe achieved notoriety by bringing blockchain systems to institutions like banks and clearing houses, when blockchain tech was an afterthought at best. She will remain on the board of the company nonetheless.

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