Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy

Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto update from your favorite reporter, Linzerd. Samsung could integrate crypto in Samsung Pay soon. Cryptopia files for bankruptcy, could lose account info due to debt. Co-Founder Matt Corallo expresses his discomfort with Blockstream. Tether market cap reaches $3 billion. Big banks cartel face class action suit due to forex related colluding practices, and introduces Token Hunt AR game.

Blockstream Co-Founder Matt Corallo Blocks Samson Mow On Twitter

Matt Corallo, a long time Bitcoin Core (BTC) and side-chain developer, blocked Samson Mow, Blockstream’s CSO, on Twitter, expressing his discomfort about how things were going with the attitudes of some of the company’s employees and executives. When asked about the reason for this action, he declared that “the kind of ‘let’s be mean just because it’s fun’ culture exposed by a number of @Blockstream folks and their management ” was the motivation for his course of action.

Samsung Could Integrate Cryptocurrencies in its Pay App Soon

Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy

Samsung, the Korean electronics and semiconductor giant, is making moves inside their corporate structure to integrate cryptocurrency payments into theSamsung Pay app, according to BusinessKorea. The company has recently transferred control of their blockchain task force to their services division, in charge of programming core apps. This integration could give a foothold to expand cryptocurrency influence in Korea, where Samsung Pay accounts for 80% of the payments market.

Cryptopia Files Bankruptcy, Could Lose Accounts Data

Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy

Cryptopia, a New Zealand based exchange that lost more than $16 million dollars, filed for bankruptcy protection recently in Manhattan. The exchange tried to open its doors after the hack, but they did not have the required liquidity. However, the exchange appears to not have users’ account information either. Some worry the exchange could have farmed out the job to a company they owe over $2 million, placing personal information in previously unknown hands.

Tether Flourishes Even Now: $3 Billion Minted

Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy

The bull market has been great for embattled crypto exchange Bitfinex and its stablecoin partner, Tether, companies who have managed to stay relevant and maintain even after facing a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General’s office. With the 300 million USDT having been introduced into the market recently, and another batch of 200 million USDT having been issued on top of Ethereum, the company has now over $3 billion USDT flooding the market.

Big Bank Cartel Faces Forex Price Rigging Class Action in Australia

Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy

A  number of important banks, with CitiGroup, JP Morgan and Barclays among them, are facing a class action lawsuit for rigging forex prices in Australia. Supposedly, these institutions were colluding to get more profit out of customers and investors’ money. They communicated through messaging rooms with names such as “The Cartel” and “The Mafia,” to trigger stop losses and coordinate other actions in detriment of their own clients, according to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, the firm behind the lawsuit.

App Token Hunt Will Let Users Earn Tokens

Blockstream Co-Founder Regrets Association, Tether $3B, Cryptopia Bankruptcy, a soccer tokenized voting platform, will now feature a new platform inside their app: Token Hunt. Token Hunt is an AR (Augmented Reality) game that will allow users to redeem tokens from their favorite teams like Juventus from Italy and PSG from France. The company said it will offer more than $2 million dollars in Chilliz, the in-app native token. Users will have to travel through their cities and use their phones or mobile devices to visualize and capture token overlays in real landmarks, much like Pokemon Go.

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