Facebook Killer Honest.cash Continues to Gather Momentum in Users, Features

Facebook Killer Honest.cash Continues to Gather Momentum in Users, Features

Honest.cash is a project continuing to gather momentum and buzz in the cryptocurrency space. Begun as an answer to failed blockchain blogging platforms, which were attempting to rival centralized business model of Facebook, the relatively new blogging and posting platform has been active in beta for a little more than one month. Developers are working at improving user experience, adding new features, and tweaking details. CoinSpice caught up with founder Adrian Barwicki to get a sense of where the site is heading. 

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Honest.cash Gathers Momentum and Users

Honest.cash was part of the new generation of apps that came after the hard fork Bitcoin Cash experienced last year. Among those, a platform aimed for users who wanted to offer their original content and get donations and payments in the form of Bitcoin Cash was born. It surged as the brainchild of Adrian Barwicki, developer in charge of programming and management of this new technology.

It has managed to move forward as they keep adding new features and tweaking parts of the interface of the site and its functionality, all the while paying careful attention to users offering valuable feedback on Telegram.

The numbers come from trends.cash, a statistics page tracking the activity of pages according to personalized OP_RETURN codes transactions carry. However, Barwicki believes this number is in fact way higher because many users browse the site without upvoting stories.

Marathon, Not Sprint: Interview with Adrian Barwicki

CoinSpice: How would you say Honest has fared since its inception?

I would say we did great in this one month. At the same time, I’d also say that it is not a sprint. It’s a marathon and the big challenge still lies in front of us. Our next goal is to open the registrations for everyone and reach out to users not affiliated with cryptocurrencies to start posting their content.

Facebook Killer Honest.cash Continues to Gather Momentum in Users, Features

Are you still alone in developing the platform?

No. the team of Honest Cash has grown and now we have three new members of the team: Ani Calis, in charge of operations, Emily Rose Dallara in charge of marketing, and Rosco Kalis helping with development.

How active are users in the platform and how many posts have been published?

I just exported data slides that show some key performance indicators, exclusively for CoinSpice. These slides show the number of posts per day and also the number of upvotes. each upvote is a Bitcoin Cash transaction that goes directly to the poster wallet immediately.

Honest.cash Update: Adrian Barwicki Offers Insight About New Updates Honest.cash Update: Adrian Barwicki Offers Insight About New Updates

Could you give us a timeline regarding the most important upgrades of the Honest.cash? 

19th Nov, I have had the idea during the BCH-BSV hash war, started to work on it; 22th of Nov – release of the basic version with the ability to post stories. QR code was shown under the posts; 25th Nov – you could write responses to stories; 30th Nov – added tipping upvotes directly from the browser with a native wallet; 5th Dec – you can follow other profiles; 8th Dec – early up-voters are rewarded for upvoting good content early on; 17th Dec – non-custodial wallets are directly bound to Honest accounts, users do not have to use their private keys to send transactions; 14th Jan – we start to include OP_RETURN codes to blueprint every upvote to become more transparent; 17th Jan – personalized feed for every user.

What do you have in store for Honest.cash in the near future?

We focus on writers and creators. Our work will focus on developing features that provide value to this group. Besides, we want to get to a feature parity with other blogging platforms. It means that we will also implement functionality that is missing like notifications and search.

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