SideShift AI Founder Creates First CashShuffle Mix on Public Server with JavaScript

SideShift AI Founder Creates First CashShuffle Mix on Public Server with JavaScript Client

TL;DR: “It’s less about Andreas Brekken’s particular experiment,” developer alwaysAn0n recently explained to CoinSpice. “It’s about achieving a milestone with respect to adoption and usage of CashShuffle across the ecosystem. The JavaScript client opens up so many opportunities and possibilities for building transaction privacy into major services across the ecosystem.” Brekken, founder of SideShift AI, recently disclosed his findings, and the implications are exciting for enthusiasts looking to expand the CashShuffle idea. CoinSpice caught up with Brekken to ask about his motivation and what his discovery might mean.  

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First CashShuffle on Public Server with JavaScript Client

“CashShuffle for Electron Cash makes CoinJoin transactions quick and easy for desktop wallet users,” alwaysAn0n continued. “The JavaScript client opens up this same possibility for almost all the major web based products and services.” Brekken is a notorious tinkerer, and he likes to go where others do not or won’t. “[His] experiment demonstrated how quickly the CashShuffle library can add privacy to a major service (SideShift) without having to spend ages reworking tools,” the dev praised.

SideShift AI Founder Creates First CashShuffle Mix on Public Server with JavaScript Client

Indeed, JavaScript at the beginning of this year still ranked as “the most popular computer language among developers surveyed. Over 250 different languages exist for a variety of tasks associated with information technology, and it appears JavaScript beats them all,” CoinSpice detailed previously.

Brekken‘s insight could be anything within crypto running on JavaScript, like browser-based wallets or products using node.js on the backend, exchanges, etc., might all theoretically employ CashShuffle at some point. “If it’s web based and can build BCH transactions,”  alwaysAn0n noted further, “it can now build those transactions with the highest level of privacy we’ve been able to achieve on Bitcoin,” potentially opening liquidity floodgates.

Interview with SideShift AI Founder Andreas Brekken

CoinSpice: For non-technical people, why perhaps is your experiment to use JavaScript with CashShuffle significant?

Andreas Brekken: By using the newly released CashShuffle library, SideShift AI automatically shuffles all of its BCH. This makes it impossible to analyze the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to detect whether or not a specific transaction was sent to or received from SideShift AI.

What is SideShift?

SideShift AI is an automated coin swap service, similar to Changelly and ShapeShift. SideShift AI stands by supporting Lightning Network payments, Zcash shielded transactions, and of course competitive exchange rates. The addition of CashShuffle lets SideShift AI stand out once again by offering private Bitcoin Cash shifts. SideShift AI will use CashShuffle for any future service it provides. These future projects are either secret or still unknown to SideShift AI.

SideShift AI Founder Creates First CashShuffle Mix on Public Server with JavaScript Client

What led you to even to attempt such a move?

SideShift AI has been following, encouraging, and sponsoring the development of CashShuffle since late 2017. It was natural for SideShift AI to be the first service of its kind to use the CashShuffle technology. Competitors of SideShift AI, such as Changelly and ShapeShift, have abandoned the privacy of its users. SideShift AI recognizes that cryptocurrency will only see mass adoption if it’s at least as private as cash.

What were some of the pitfalls, set-backs, as you went about the process?

As the first service to use CashShuffle, SideShift AI had to spend some time troubleshooting minor issues with the CashShuffle developers. No funds were ever at risk during this process, and SideShift AI learned more about the internal workings of CashShuffle.

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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