Johnny Depp Out, Morgan Freeman “No,” Rogen & Keaton In for John McAfee Movie

Johnny Depp Out, Morgan Freeman

Various Hollywood industry news outlets report Seth Rogen and Michael Keaton signed-on to star in what’s being billed as a biopic with a black comedy tinge of crypto ecosystem celebrity John McAfee, “King of the Jungle.” McAfee is a polarizing figure within the community, thought lovingly eccentric by some and a rascal by others. One thing everyone can agree on, however, the man is not boring.

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John McAfee is a Revelation

In our age of outrage, John McAfee at 73 years old is nothing short of a revelation. For younger readers, McAfee is that old dude who shills ICOs and Tweets at times humorous and controversial ideas. For the rest of CoinSpice readers, he is crypto’s modern embodiment: embarrassing, scammy, with flashes of brilliance and daring.

Johnny Depp Out, Morgan Freeman "No," Rogen & Keaton In for John McAfee Movie

Revelation happens when at some point the man’s seemingly too-long of a life is in any way detailed. Tech mogul. Software security expert. Sometime hacker. Bedding women fifty years younger, and often. Proud recreational drug user, including bath salts. Married to a former prostitute. Cryptocurrency evangelist and philosopher. Presidential candidate. Insanely quotable. Millionaire a few times over. Fugitive. Gun nut. Wanted by an entire country for murder charges. Initial Coin Offering promoter, highly sought endorser. PhD in mathematics. Unapologetic anarchistic world view. A movie being made about him is maybe too on the nose at this point. He is a movie.

Directors associated with the acclaimed film, I Love You Phillip Morris, are teaming with script writers to fashion a story based on Joshua Davis’ crazy-great piece in Wired, “John McAfee Fled to Belize, But He Couldn’t Escape Himself,” which eventually turned into an e-book, “John McAfee’s Last Stand.”

Johnny Depp Out, Morgan Freeman "No," Rogen & Keaton In for John McAfee Movie

Michael Keaton to Star as McAfee, Seth Rogen as Wired Reporter

Rogen is best known for stoner comedies and coming of age classics such as Superbad. Keaton is an Academy Award nominated actor with a varied career, including a stint as Batman and the ghoulish comedy, Beetlejuice.

Rumors were Johnny Depp would play McAfee in the film, however the principal subject wasn’t pleased. He Tweeted recently, “I sent a few tweets to Michael Keaton. He’s now playing me in ‘King of the Jungle’ instead of Johnny Depp. Keaton is an improvement over Depp, but I am still lobbying for Morgan Freeman. You may think race should not be an issue, but I am livid that they chose a white actor.”

Johnny Depp Out, Morgan Freeman "No," Rogen & Keaton In for John McAfee Movie

The plot appears to surround the time in McAfee’s life when he expatriated himself to Belize, living off a software fortune. His palatial estate, a compound of sex, guns, drugs, and young women, is the scene of the narrative pivot ultimately landing him back in the US. Battles with the local government, dispute with his nearest neighbor, resulted in a murder charge (McAfee denies), and a harrowing journey to escape South American justice. None of the press has mentioned his foray into crypto as part of the plot.

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