10 Years of Bitcoin: What Has Been Achieved and Where We’re At Now

TL;DR: CoinSpice Executive Editor Hayden Otto gave an in-depth presentation about Bitcoin’s history to the Brisbane Bitcoin meetup. As a media outlet, CoinSpice is dedicated to news, covering controversies and personalities, but also continually reviewing the basics and fundamentals of cryptocurrency. 10 years have passed since the revolutionary technology Bitcoin, a P2P electronic cash system, was let out into the world. Since then its elusive creator has departed the project and left it in our hands. But what has become of Bitcoin since these early days, what progress has been made in achieving global adoption? 

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After 10 Years of Bitcoin, What Has Been Achieved?

Brisbane has an active cryptocurrency community. Regular meetups bring in everyone from coin partisans to newer folks looking to learn more about the phenomenon. Hayden Otto has been an integral part of the community, making videos, giving talks around the world, furthering adoption.

Otto’s videos routinely go viral. He’s especially adept at research, and Otto can be counted upon to break down a controversy or complex idea into bite-sized, understandable chunks. CoinSpice receives raves about Otto’s work, and his ambassadorship has grown into being an ever-more invited guest on podcasts and YouTube channels interested in exploring finer points of crypto.

The above slightly more than an hour-long talk is parts history, polemic review, vibrant question and answer session. Otto begins at the beginning, and the initial steps of the Bitcoin project are highlighted. After a decade, and with so much happening seemingly all the time, it’s easy to lose focus from how far the space has traveled yet, perhaps, how much opportunity along the way has been lost.

It’s the perfect moment for such a discussion, especially as the ecosystem struggles under the weight of a speculative markets tanking. It’s hard not to see the entirety of what goes on within exchange trades as being representative of the broader ecosystem. Otto stresses how such circular back and forth is one way into crypto, but ultimately further adoption must provide a use case through merchant adoption, encouraging regular people to download a wallet and become their own bank.

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