$600K Won By EOS Casino User; Company Says It Was “Luck”


“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”, goes the old saying, and it fits perfectly into the clown show that EOS Dapps (decentralized apps) have turned into. Earlier today we reported a smart contract exploit that allowed a user to take advantage of an online Eos based casino to win continuously and take more than $20K in profits. But that hustle was dwarfed by the feat that another señor who managed to do in a different online EOS based casino 😂.

According to information taken from The Next Web, a single user managed to always double his money consistently with a series of bets amongst two days of heavy betting. The online EOS casino (a kind of dApp that seems to be popular) was the subject of the alleged new exploit that let this señor won more than $600K without losing a single time.

As incredible as it seems, the owners of the betting site called EOSBet declared that still have to determine if this behavior is “suspicious”. We wonder if they need to see this señor breaking and entering their server room and stealing hardware to consider it. The EOS platform has been heavily attacked since its launch, and it even had last minute delays due to bugs and critical vulnerabilities being found and patched.

What is more astounding is that EOSBet, the company that runs the online casino, declared at the last moment that there was no anomalous behavior in the betting process and that the señor did this with pure luck. We just have to ask: How many times did you go to Vegas and played continuously at a casino for two days without losing a single time? Plenty, right? Yeah. We thought so too.

It seems that this kind of things will keep happening in the next future. So get some milk and prepare for more spice.