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Bitcoin Private, ZClassic Creator Gives Away $20,000 in Bitcoin Cash to Start 800CryptoClub

TL;DR: Self-proclaimed “professional shitcointologist” Rhett Creighton took to Twitter, announcing his latest project, the 800CryptoClub. He also claims to have turned $800 into a $1,000,000 over a period of years through his brand of cryptocurrency savvy. Now, Creighton, creator of controversial forks such as Bitcoin Private and ZClassic, insists he can help others do the same, publicly, if they follow his advice — and he’s giving away thousands in bitcoin cash to get them started. CoinSpice caught up with Creighton for an exclusive interview.

Rhett Creighton Gives Away Thousands in Bitcoin Cash to Start 800CryptoClub Millionaire Initiative

“I made everything I have today starting with $800,” Creighton posted in early August. “Here’s an idea. Who wants me to help you manage your portfolio of $800? I’ll do it publicly. If it makes you a millionaire, great! If it blows up, I’ll cover the 800 bucks.” Responses came fast and furious, many jumping at the chance while more than a few were openly skeptical.

Rhett Creighton

“Great!,” he commented shortly after the announcement. “Many Volunteers already. Here’s how to apply! 1. Real Human Profile 2. Introduce Yourself 3. Will you be able to commit to possibly 2-4 years of mgmt? 4. How are your communication skills? 5. Anything else?” There seemed little risk at the user level with regard to Creighton having access to their funds (at least on the surface), and really only involved time commitments.

By late August, however, the 800CryptoClub proposal morphed into more of a giveaway. “I’m going to give away $20k in Crypto. $800 each to 25 people. I have already selected the first 20 listed below,” Creighton revealed. “The purpose is to educate people on how to get rich in crypto. The first step in getting rich in crypto is TAKE FREE CRYPTO AND DON’T PAY FOR IT.”

Let’s Get This Show on the Road

“OK #800CryptoClub Let’s get this show on the road,” Creighton then insisted. “1. Download the http://Bitcoin.com Wallet for your mobile phone (iphone / android) 2. Post your Bitcoin Cash address here 3. I will send you 1 BCH to get started. I believe we can get started in minutes this way.”

Testimonial from an 800CryptoClub Telegram chat

And Creighton appears to be following through on an initial installment, sending 1 bitcoin cash (roughly $300) to 800CryptoClub members from as far away as Uganda and India. The membership list has also grown to 34 by press time. “Say what you want about @HeyRhett,” an appreciative beneficiary tweeted, “but he’s literally giving out $20,000 on Twitter. Literally just received 1 BCH which is pretty awesome,” he confirmed, as have others.

Not everyone was so appreciative. Podcaster Peter McCormack commented, “You dick,” triggered by Creighton’s instructions on how to receive funds. McCormack was one of the first to respond positively to the early iteration of the 800CryptoClub, but apparently had a change of mind when further details came to light. “I didn’t know it was some scam to promote Roger’s bullshit,” McCormack spat. “Such a loser play dude.”

Interview with Rhett Creighton of 800CryptoClub

Rhett Creighton is a contrarian, a so-called serial forker, infamous for creating cryptocurrency projects like ZClassic and Bitcoin Private. His professional interests range from automated eBay bidding to security cameras, and he holds both an undergraduate degree in physics and a masters in nuclear engineering from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He’s more recently moved to Puerto Rico for something like half the year, frequently documenting his newly found island lifestyle.


His investment philosophy can be summed up when Creighton blasted, “90% of Twitter is doing it wrong. I got tired of arguing with them,” and so he does what he’s done continually: go his own way with the 800CryptoClub. “I know it’s possible because I did it.”

CoinSpice caught up with the friendly and energic Crypto Twitter personality. It’s probably very easy to be cynical when most such initiatives are on their face scams, but Creighton comes across as earnest and someone who believes himself — a kind of crypto Michael Cera, everyone’s buddy. One thing is certain: this is going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

CoinSpice: Can you explain more about your 800CryptoClub initiative in detail?

Rhett Creighton: Basically, I want to educate people about crypto. The way I do it, my way. So, I put out a request asking who wants to learn from me, and I picked the accounts that look like real humans, who seem dedicated to learn. And I truly believe the Bitcoin.com wallet is the best way for new people to get started.

I usually give people $1 in BCH from the Bitcoin.com wallet to get started, and they always figure out how to use it in minutes.

Was the 800CryptoClub a spontaneous idea? 

I spent a few weeks thinking about what I would do. And last night I figured out the best way to get started was to just pick the people who seemed like they wanted to learn most, and send them a Bitcoin Cash. So I started it out Saturday around midnight and people started responding in minutes. That was the start of the 800CryptoClub.

Is this initiative self-funded?

Yes, and no one else asked me to do it.

Why choose bitcoin cash instead of any crypto out there?

The Bitcoin.com wallet is the easiest/fastest wallet for new people to use. I have had 100% success rate for beginners, in minutes. No other wallet/crypto compares. If I picked BTC, what would I do? Ask people to sign up for Coinbase and send them a government ID and wait for approval? I’m teaching people based on what I know works. Other people can teach their own way.


What do you think about the answer Peter McCormack gave you?

Approximately 50% of the people in crypto think the way to get rich is to put everything you have into BTC and HODL it forever. This is what Core-mack teaches. I disagree. He volunteered to participate in my experiment, so I gave him a shot. After he realized how successful my experiment will be, he called me a mean name. I gave his spot away to someone else, and there were about 100 volunteers asking for it.

Pretty straightforward. Haters can hate, but it’s not going to help them get a spot in #800CryptoClub.

After giving away bitcoin cash, will this initiative have other phases?

Yes, it doesn’t stop at $800. That’s where it starts. My goal is to help create as many crypto millionaires as possible.

What motivated you to start this project?

5 years ago, I was broke. Everything I own today comes from $800 I put on my credit card to use mechanical turk to accumulate 2 Million Stellar for their giveaway. I flipped that fast for $8k. I looked for opportunities with high expected returns. I put that $8k into BTC and it grew from $400 to $1k, so I had about $20k in BTC. Then, I analyzed the GETH full node code to be one of the top 100 to get in line for the BAT token ICO. I’m currently a multimillionaire living in Puerto Rico. The government has granted me a 20-year exemption on capital gains tax.

How has the response been?

I’m just really happy about the positive response to this so far. I actually got scammed twice so far, by fake accounts which is pretty funny. I applaud how fast and clever the crypto scam accounts were and think they earned the 1 BCH from me. The amazing thing is how fast everyone got their first Crypto.

The end goal is for everyone in the 800CryptoClub to become a millionaire. I know it’s possible because I did it.

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