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¡Adiós! Dash Latin America Folds as 80+ People in the Region are Sacked, Funding Stopped

TL;DR: Advocates for the Latin American region concerned with promoting the cryptocurrency Dash have been cutoff from funding by the main organization, Dash Central. Known as Dash Latam, it operated in some 8 countries and 20 cities, employing about 80 people total — all of whom have been let go.  

Dash Latam Ceases Operations

Dash Latam Executive Director George Donnelly explained, “Dash Central is abandoning the work of Dash Latam,” and invited people to sell their dash for fiat money. Evidently, so-called “masternode owners” IMNOs) were not prepared to fund Dash Latam further due to poor results. To keep the regional campaign going required meant earning enough votes from masternodes, which fell short by a significant number as to discontinue the project altogether.

Dash Latam

Donnelly continued, complaining about how Dash Central “left us in a pretty bad shape since 6 weeks ago,” causing massive layoffs impacting countries from Venezuela to Brazil. He also stressed Dash Central decided “marketing is useless now, and the work we have done and the relations built have no value.”

Dash MNO “Unchained” reasoned,  “The bottom-up strategy seems to be wrong. I have no doubt you have sincere desire to make this work. But, the results MNO are seeing is telling them the funds are better spent elsewhere. I think Latam needs to rethink its strategy and go after the latam bigboys in terms of integration and usage.”

More Armani-Suits-with-Little-Coffees-in-their-Hands

Donnelly responded directly, “If you want more hype, more selling out to ‘partners,’ more integrations where the partners have a conflict of interest with us (their own tokens), more tens of thousands of new merchants where you can’t get a list of the merchants, more Armani-suits-with-little-coffees-in-their-hands in comfy offices, then you should definitely continue down this path, and I will ‘echar la bendición’ to you and Dash, as they say around here.”

Dash Latam

The Dash Latam team, from the outside, was thought to be fairly successful by adoption standards, at least according to some media reports over the last year or so. Its latest proposal to keep operations funded, however, suggests efforts were yielding only 60 dash transactions per day spread over 2,000 active merchants. Resources dedicating to funding Dash Latam for three months amounted to nearly $25,000, about 344 dash or 6% of the treasury dedicated to such projects.

Donnelly disagreed with Dash Central, further noting, “Dash Latam generates actual use. Of course some of our actual use is incentivized. Of course it drops off when we stop marketing it. Marketing must happen.” It is unclear from the internal discussions what exactly will become of Dash’s adoption push in the region going forward. Latin America, in particular Venezuela, was often highlighted by Dash enthusiasts as proof of real, substantive adoption.

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