Honest.cash: Uncensorable, Ad-Free Social Media Pays You for Content

Honest.cash: Uncensorable, Ad-Free Social Media Pays You for Content

Chief hacker at Alphateam Hackers GmbH and creator of Panda Suite (winner of the BCH Hackathon in Amsterdam), Adrian Barwicki is also head of a newer project, Honest.cash. It’s an answer to at least one platform stealing users’ funds and banning still others over petty crypto politics (they’ve since half apologized). Barwicki’s platform, however, is simple, clean, allowing users to both become paid content providers with almost no entry barriers and to tip others, add free, with a huge emphasis on decentralization and censorship resistance, hallmarks of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.   

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Honest.cash In A Nutshell

Honest.cash is one of the newest platforms linked to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Developed not so long ago, it is a social writing platform that lets anyone publish their content without any kind of censorship whatsoever, an aspect its developers have been pretty clear. More so, it is an application that allows freelance writers or anyone to be tipped using Bitcoin Cash, and to also tip other writers. In this way, the platform itself incentivizes the creation of high-quality material.

Honest.cash: Uncensorable, Ad-Free Social Media Pays You for Content

The platform is still in its nascent stage, around for about two weeks. It has already all the functionality embedded, and users can tip other users without having an account.

Its developer, Adrian Barwicki, chatted with CoinSpice.io about how he came to develop honest.cash, its reasons for being, and also how he feels about the future of the platform and the ecosystem around it.

Interview with Adrian Barwicki of Honest.cash

CS: How have been things going at Honest.cash?

Adrian:  We started it around 10 days ago, but we have built already some cool stuff. You can post stories and get tips and it’s all already integrated. I’ve got like 20 tips today, it’s addicting. Seriously, I can’t sleep. Constantly getting notifications.

CS: Are you already open to registrations for writers who wish to use Honest.cash?

Adrian: For now, we have a waiting list. However, The platform is up and running. You don’t need an account for tipping, everyone can connect the BCH wallet and upvote without any registration. Only writer accounts are limited.

CS: Nice. What made you want to build this platform?

Adrian: During the Nov 2018 hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) we have seen content censored by other platforms. The content was removed and people were banned. This led us to start Honest Cash. The first step we did was to write down the principles we believe in and want to flow into the building of the Honest network.

Honest.cash: Uncensorable, Ad-Free Social Media Pays You for Content

CS: Are you alone doing this? Do you have some kind of support?

Adrian: I initiated the project alone, but I got a lot of support from everywhere on day 2. The company I work at, Alphateam Hackers GmbH, contributed 2 front-end devs, folks from bitcoin.com were very supportive. Gabriel Cordona, Chris Troutner, and Eléonore Blanc from BTC give us a lot of advice. Also, we have open source contributors, including a member from Panda Suite – Rosco Kalis. We are also advised by Clemens Ley, he is a former CTO at yours.org.

CS: I know it is a bit early to tell, but how do you think you can deal with the problematic aspects, the unpolished experience, of similar platforms such as spamming.

Adrian: Sure, actually this concern has been raised by the community. We are working on personalized feeds. You’ll see what you want to see. We will move away from the main feed to personalized feed. The bad spammy stuff will be still there but not visible. It’s gonna be Quora, Twitter-like where you need to follow specific writers in the beginning. It gives an enormous value to writers because if they are proposed it gives them more followers.

CS: Where do you see Honest.cash a year from now?

Adrian: Let’s see. I see the whole crypto scene taking big leaps to the general public within the next year. If this promise holds true we are well positioned to compete with Medium or Quora for high-quality content and high-quality writers. But we will have something they don’t have. The writers on Honest will earn cash. And besides, it’s uncensorable, you’ll be given the opportunity to save content on the blockchain. Forever.

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