Advertising Pays You: MemoPay Founder Valentin Gubkin’s Great Idea

Advertising Pays You: MemoPay Founder Valentin Gubkin's Great Idea

TL;DR: Valentin Gubkin is founder of, an innovative way to reimagine our relationship with advertising. Companies can send messages to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, directly to their wallets, on-chain, and rather than the ad be an imposition or pain, there’s a real chance it will get read. That’s because receivers are paid for the interruption. The episode is available embedded in this article, below, or on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCasts, and PodBean.

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Advertising Pays You: MemoPay Founder Valentin Gubkin

Valentin Gubkin is a Siberian Russian living in Berlin, Germany. He’s also a serial innovator, a tinkerer who loves bots and to think about large problems he might be able to solve. At least one of those problems involves the tradeoff we’re conditioned to make: give up our personal data in exchange for being marketed to.

Some, for sure, like the trade, but increasingly more and more people are finding it intrusive and frankly not worth the imbalance of power. Gubkin believes there’s an easier and more effective way for businesses to get their messages out, softly, and for their advertisements to be received with joy rather than grunts.

Advertising Pays You: MemoPay Founder Valentin Gubkin's Great Idea

Gubkin began his journey into crypto while working in the automotive industry, scouring the net for best practices and features among rival automakers. His reading about bitcoin was also heightened by the fact he had lived through, witnessed, the 2008 world financial crash.

He was radicalized by the tension: Russians at the time had literally no alternative. They were stuck with government money, period. When the advent of bitcoin turned into something more than a neat trick, he was hooked. He’s now worked on a number of crypto projects, but is his biggest. We discuss it all, and along the way find motivations behind the innovation, a cool idea with a lot of potential.


  1. Introduction
  2. Basics of MemoPay 01:00
  3. The advertising bubble 07:30
  4. Limitations 09:30
  5. Why Bitcoin Cash? 11:45
  6. Financial crisis and why universities are useless 13:35
  7. Russians and crypto passion 16:50
  8. Living in Germany 23:00
  9. Future projects and crypto prices 25:00
  10. Hope for crypto, physical spaces, faster payments 27:30

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