Alex Jones Banned from PayPal; Will He Use Crypto?


Alex Jones has had a rough month. YouTube banned his channel because they disliked his content. Apple suspended the distribution of his podcast declaring that they don’t condone his speech on their ecosystem. Facebook did the same alleging the same reason. But the final nail came down when a popular online payment provider banned him from using their service.

Paypal announced that they would be banning Alex Jones and Infowars from using its services. Jones, like countless others, used Paypal for managing payments for his online store. He may say controversial words but all he actually sells are vitamins. And they cut him off. This could happen to anyone and sets a frightening precedent from so-called the so-called “progressive” tech companies whose services are so ubiquitous in all of our lives.

Jones’ accounts being frozen due to rubbing the-powers-that-be the wrong way is a textbook example of why cryptocurrency has become so popular in recent times.

With a cryptocurrency, there are no gatekeepers, there are no middlemen to dictate what one can or cannot do with their money. Remember, “Blockchain tech” was created for this exact purpose: to secure a decentralized ledger for the peer-to-peer electronic cash system called Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, on social media, Jones’ followers are suggesting he try cryptocurrency instead of centralized services like PayPal.

The fact is that if the software establishment dislikes you for whatever reason they can censor or otherwise snuff you out at will. It’s within their legal right in most cases since you very likely signed the Terms of Service. Good news though! Cryptocurrency offers a superior alternative and it 100% opt-in.