Alex Jones Tells Joe Rogan He Refused $5M to Pump Bitcoin by Soros Associates

TL;DR: Controversial journalist Alex Jones appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast Wednesday, 27 February 2019 (#1255). Nearly 200,000 people watched the livestream, which went on for more than four hours. The rambling conversation, fast paced, included a jag where Jones revealed having been offered $5 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) back in 2011 as a lure to pump the cryptocurrency. 

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Alex Jones Tells Joe Rogan He Refused $5M to Pump Bitcoin

Alex Jones appeared again on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, reuniting the two after a very public beef. Jones accused Rogan of purposefully not allowing him back on the show, and further used Rogan’s interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as evidence (Dorsey sponsors Rogan’s podcast through Cash App, with promotes bitcoin core, and Jones was critical of bitcoin).

Jones pounded Rogan for several episodes on his own Info Wars network program, and then, suddenly, 27 February 2019, Jones appeared on the Rogan podcast during a livestream on YouTube. The interview was Jones in typical form, moving through the nature of conspiracy theories, mass shootings, mixed with apologies, and then revealing still more previously unknown happenings, according to Jones.

Alex Jones Tells Joe Rogan He Refused $5M to Pump Bitcoin by Soros Associates

International financier George Soros is a frequent foil of Jones, and Soros is believed to be behind many large world events in recent history. As Jones explained the various theories about Soros and his supposed dealings and doings, he volunteered Soros’ associates offered Jones millions of dollars worth of bitcoin (BTC) to push adoption among his followers.

“I got offered, at the time, like $5 million in bitcoin (and it was like $38 million by the time it got there). I refused it eight years ago,” Jones explained to Rogan. “I got told by two people, two very well known rich people,” he continued, suggesting Soros through his surrogates wanted to work with Jones. They asked he stop attacking Soros in the media, and “by the way, we want you to pump bitcoin,” Jones claimed. He then began waving his hands, “I believe in cryptocurrencies,” he insisted. “I’m not judging anybody. I’m just saying be careful,” and described himself as naive back then.

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